Working With Geomancy Figures In Divination

Geomancy is an interesting divination tool. Various methods can be used such as small pebbles or seeds, but I use sticks that I crafted from a Hawthorn tree. There are four, each one representing one of the four elements. I painted each elemental color on its respective stick and then sanded one section in the middle on one side and two on the opposite side of the stick. I added the requisite elemental glyph on each side along with the symbol for Awen. From there, I throw the sticks four times, each time placing them in the order of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, and then copying down the points into the first four house positions on the standard chart, one of two typical charts for interpretation. For today’s divination, I’m using both charts: the standard chart, and the astrological house chart. The standard chart will give some overall information, while the astrological house chart will give some information from the perspective of the houses of the zodiac.

The first position, or house, describes the significator or the querent. An additional significator can be used describing the question, which in this case is: what influences should I be aware of during the next week? Looking at the house descriptions, it seems that the significator for the question should fall in the 9th House that deals with, among other things, visions and divination. A more specific question regarding finances, for example, would focus on the 2nd House and the significator for the question would be placed there. But for today, it will be in the 9th House.

Geomancy also works with planetary spirits and their assigned intelligences which inform the geomancer during the divination process. Hismael corresponds with the 9th House and the 9th Geomancy figure, Acquisitio and I’ll open the divination by drawing the sigil for Hismael within a circle in the center of the astrological house chart to assist in the interpretation.

A standard geomancy chart works in fours with the first four considered the Mothers, the second four the Daughters, the third row representing the Nieces or Nephews. It’s also called the Reultants. From there, the Left and Right Witnesses are created followed by the Judge. An overall outcome called the Reconciler can be discovered if the Witnesses and Judge don’t give enough information. After throwing the sticks four times and copying down their points onto the standard chart, from there I create the remainder of the chart. The first row of the four figures creates figure number 5, the second row figure 6, the third row figure 7, and the fourth figure 8. The second level combines the two figures above them into one as does the third level with the Left and Right Witnesses. From there, the Judge is created by combining the Witnesses and if a Reconciler is needed, it’s created by combining the Judge with the first Mother. Easy, right? Trust me. It is.

You’ll note that geomantic figures consist of four levels of one or two dots. When combining them together, odd numbers result in a single dot while even numbers result in two dots. So using the first two houses as an example, we see two dots on the first line (Fire) of both figures so the first line of the 9th position just below will have two dots. Had one of the figures began with a single dot, then there would be only one dot to begin the 9th figure. Refer to the 7th and 8th position to see how they create figure 12. Three dots between them on the first level creates the single dot on the first level of the 12th position below them.

So looking at the first chart, these are the following geomantic figures we’re dealing with:

  1. Conjunctio — union, interaction
  2. Tristitia — sorrow, sadness, grief, secrets, grudges
  3. Fortuna Major — inward strength and fortune
  4. Conjunctio — union, interaction
  5. Populus — people, crowd, takes on qualities of others
  6. Carcer — delay, binding, restriction, prison, outmoded ideas
  7. Puella — harmony, female sexual energy
  8. Conjunctio — union, interaction
  9. Caput Draconis — new beginnings, opportunity, positive change
  10. Acquisitio — gain
  11. Carcer — delay, binding, restriction, prison, outmoded ideas
  12. Puer — boy, male sexual energy
  • Right Witness — Albus — wisdom, peace, purity, inner awareness
  • Left Witness — Rubeus — passion, temper
  • Judge — Conjunctio — union, interaction
  • Reconciler if needed which is Populus

When only dealing with the standard chart, the simplest way of interpreting the information is to first look at position four to get an idea of where it’s going and in this case, Conjunctio indicates positive union with others. The Judge agrees as it appears there as well. In fact, Conjunctio appears four times in the reading. However, looking at the Witnesses, Rubeus, normally a negative figure seems to balance passion and temper with the wisdom, peace, and inner awareness of Albus so evidently we work things out with others. If Populus is considered as the Reconciler, then it seems to suggest that whatever group we’re involved with, as long as we’re mindful of our temper we should have a positive experience.

But if we want to look at more information, we can look at the first twelve positions which correspond to the twelve Houses of the zodiac. I’ve used a chart that is commonly used, but you can also create one using a standard round astrological chart. It’s nice to do that because you can add astrological glyphs as well. In the chart I’m using, again, the planetary spirit sigil goes in the center surrounded by the two Witnesses and the Judge.

Because the first chart combines two geomantic figures to create a third, I’m going to look at the Houses in pairs, 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, etc. as well as how they might relate to Houses further on in the chart. Positive geomantic figures dominate the chart while Earth dominates and Fire, Air, and Water balance each other.

Conjunctio appears in the 1st House, also known as the Ascendant, signifying the querent along with health and life. Representing union and interaction Conjunctio unites opposites and may suggest that an unforeseen or unexpected direction may be possible. The 2nd House of money, property, and personal possessions contains Tristitia signifying sorrow, grief, and grudges. Tristitia may be indicating that we may be having difficult issues with finances or property. Since it also appears with Conjunctio and creates the geomantic figure in the 9th House, we can look at how the two interact. Caput Draconis is created in the 9th House suggesting positive change and new opportunities, so while we may experience some sorrow, we may find an unexpected opportunity to solve whatever is happening.

Fortuna Major signifying inner strength and great fortune is placed in the 3rd House of brothers and sisters, communications of all kinds including rumors, education and study, and short journeys while Conjunctio appears again in the 4th House of inheritance and endings as well as Father figures. The figure there can also be viewed as a potential outcome of the reading. Combining the two geomantic figures creates Acquisitio or gain in the 10th House. Taken with the first two Houses, if a death in the family has occurred, there may be some issues with inheritance and some inner strength may be required to deal with all of it. But it could also suggest positive news from siblings or a new opportunity that may open further educational advancement. Either way, a sense of unity is here, so whatever news we’re receiving, support should be there.

Populus and Carcer appear in the 5th and 6th Houses respectively. Populus signifies a crowd or group and is interesting in that it’s a neutral or passive geomantic figure. Representing the Moon in Cancer, Populus tends to reflect the energy of surrounding figures. Carcer is traditionally a negative geomantic figure representing delay, prison, and isolation. It can also represent ideas or beliefs which no longer serve. Viewed together, we may be ready to move past any group-think that may be preventing a move forward. They both combine to create Carcer again in the 11th House of friendship and wishes so there may be some stagnation to be aware of.

Conjunctio makes another appearance in the 8th House of death, wills, and anxiety with Puella in the 7th House of marriage, husbands and wives, partnerships, lawsuits, and public enemies. Puella represents female sexual energy along with harmony and short-term happiness and along with Conjunctio may suggest reunion surrounding a death. Together, they create Puer the geomantic figure representing male sexual energy, unstable passion, and justice in the 12th House of sorrow, fear, restriction, and secret enemies reinforcing the possibility of a death in the family.

From that point, the reading can end, or we can look further at how the Witnesses are discovered. Traditional interpretations of the Witnesses suggest that the Left Witness signifies the question itself as well as the future while the Right Witness signifies the past and the querent. In this case, Puer and Carcer combine to create the Left Witness Rubeus, another geomantic figure considered to be extremely negative. Representing passion and temper, as a symbol for Mars in Scorpio, Rubeus can indicate the misuse of power along with violent sexual tendencies. The Right Witness, Albus, is created by combining Acquisitio and Caput Draconis and represents wisdom, peace, inner awareness, and clarity. Appearance-wise, both Rubeus and Albus balance each other so in a sense, they reduce or even negate each other’s effects so we need to look at the Judge for a final outcome.

Conjunctio serves as the Judge for the chart, again emphasizing the union of opposites. Dominated by the Earth element, practical concerns are the issue for the week, whether it be about new opportunities or dealing with the death in the family. Given that the 9th House deals with divination, the second significator for the chart is found there. Caput Draconis represents new beginnings and positive change which may bring greater success and wealth.

Had we looked at a Reconciler, it would have been Populus indicating a crowd or group and with Conjunctio beginning and ending the reading, it really appears that we’ll be joining or aligning with a group of some kind. It also may indicate a dual path of sorts, one where we unite with a group while still retaining a sense of independence. Overall, while we may experience some sorrow, the outcome of the week looks positive.

Well, this was fun. I think as time goes on, I’ll do more geomancy divination.

Have a great week!



Originally published at on April 16, 2018.



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