Witch Notes: I Don’t Even Know Anymore Edition

Fair warning: the following contains vulgarity. It starts further down, but it’s there, nevertheless.

What a mess. I don’t even know anymore what to think or what to say about the loathsome fool currently occupying the White House. His campaign manager has been found guilty and his fixer has admitted his own guilty actions to a judge, two of which involved said current loathsome fool. I try to understand the Q people, but it’s just a bridge too far for me to believe Mueller is working with the fool to capture pedophiles and what we’re seeing unfold around us is a ruse, a deception, and all will be revealed as a great awakening of sorts. I’m a survivor, and I’m a believer that pedophilia is rampant and would applaud all efforts to eradicate it from our lives but this makes no sense.

I’m sorry but I just don’t see it. If all of what they are saying were indeed happening, it wouldn’t make sense to keep it to themselves. It would make sense to show that the fool is indeed a savior instead of creating such a division between everyone. Instead, we’re expected to accept that racism and white nationalism should be the norm, the united part of our country’s name be damned.

There was a protest by white nationalists in Portland recently where counter-protestors were also present. I wasn’t there so I only have reports to rely on, but I was encouraged when the Portland Police Chief, a black woman, indicated that the violent response from police toward the counter-protesters would be investigated. The pictures of a flash-bang grenade piercing a helmet worn by a counter-protester were shocking and he’s lucky to have survived. But then I read that she gave an interview on a conservative radio show that seemed to give a different viewpoint, one that I find troubling.

Although I moved away from the Portland area in 1981, I lived there for thirteen years, moving there when I was ten from Alaska with my family. I liked Portland. It was exciting moving to a large city when I had been accustomed to rural Alaska. We had Anchorage, but it wasn’t as big as it is now and Portland was simply enormous with smaller cities attached to it without miles and miles of forest and moose in between.

I attended and was graduated from Portland State University in 1978 with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. Part of the time, I lived downtown, not far from the university and it was amazing. I remember the Trailblazers winning the NBA championship one year while I was there and everyone who wasn’t in class attended the parade down Broadway. It was a very different time down there. The protests over Vietnam had given way to feminism, the Gray Panthers, LGBT rights, and other activist causes but nothing like what’s been happening since the fool was elected. Now, it’s open season on anyone who disagrees, who can’t tolerate the racism and other issues posed by this toxic, vitriolic division.

I watched a video this morning of the police tasing and appearing to assault a black woman, taking her to the ground because she allegedly didn’t take out her identification fast enough. How much more of this are we to accept? A woman in her 80’s was cutting dandelion leaves and the same happened to her. She didn’t speak English and had no idea she was causing any trouble. White people are calling the police on black people at an alarming rate, for no other reason than opening their own car door, sitting at a pool where they live, walking into their own home and other decidedly unsavory acts.

So, what the fuck? The idiot travels about speaking at rallies that stir hate and then this shit happens? He’s incited all of this. All of it. People have been hurt and have even died but he continues inciting it all saying there are good people on both sides of the equation. But what equation are we talking about? One side has compassion and the other hate? One side sees a brother while the other sees the other? Is that the equation we’re trying to balance here? Because if so, we’re going to fail and fail bigly.

But he’s given himself an A+ for his efforts and maybe he’s right. Not since Hitler have we seen someone stir up so much hatred for anyone who isn’t white. Heck of a job, fucker. Thanks a lot. He’s made everyone in this country unsafe by his racist diatribes that others then take up as their own. But as long as he makes a buck off of the American people. So much hate. So much division. So much winning.

And now his closest allies/employees are getting immunity deals and/or writing books. One that I’m reading now is by journalist and author, Craig Unger, . I haven’t finished it yet but already Unger has laid out in great detail Trump’s relationship with the Mafia. I remember reading articles about him in the eighties and nineties so none of this is any news. His issues with women were known but I had no idea the extent to which his proclivities drive him. He lacks impulse control, quite possibly since childhood. But now that lack of impulse control is affecting innocent people and that’s not going to work.

Impeachment talk is happening and with folks flipping all over the place, his time in office may be nearing a thankful close. I don’t see how it will end any other way. They say that you can’t indict a sitting president. Well now. We may actually find out sooner than later if that’s just a wish. Because as far as I’m concerned, the president of the United States should be held to the higher standard than anyone else. People voted for him. We might disagree with their vote and think less of them for doing so, but did they know this when they gave him their money and their support? Did they know they voted for someone so in bed with the Russian mob that they appear to fund everything he does? At least that’s the impression so far from Unger’s book. But he knows no Russians. He does no business with Russia. He doesn’t know Putin. He knows nothing.

Except, it’s becoming more and more clear that he does. And over the coming months, all that’s in Pecker’s vault is going to come out. The doorman has even been let out of his contract regarding the housekeeper and the illegitimate child. Immunity gone wild.

Time will tell if there will be any immunity left for the kids.

Blessed Be


Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on August 25, 2018.




Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Jan Erickson

Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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