When Self-Sabotage Affects Others

It’s not uncommon for humans to get in the way of ourselves from time to time. We might overthink something, for example, and head in a direction that will never accomplish what we want. And as long as that affects only the individual in question that’s one thing, but all too often, that self-sabotage affects others.

Growing up, I knew someone who found every excuse possible to avoid responsibility. He found plenty of time to play but never had time to take care of his or his family’s basic needs. Again, if his choice had only affected him, that would have been one thing. But in his case, it affected the security of his family. His income went for his own extra-curricular needs while the family was always left wanting as he sabotaged not only his own financial security but his family’s as well.

Which brings me to Donald. Now that he believes he’s completely exonerated, he responds by wanting the Affordable Care Act struck down resulting in over twenty million people potentially losing their health insurance affecting coverage of pre-existing conditions along with a host of other necessary treatments. Insulin alone has become extremely costly with some patients reportedly rationing their dosage to stretch their supply. And then this troubling news comes out yesterday that will result in a return to a situation that we already agreed was unsustainable. No replacement for the ACA, just people at risk. Again.

The timing would be odd if we hadn’t been witness to actions that make zero sense unless you consider this from a perspective of self-sabotage. Puerto Rico is a perfect example. For whatever reason, necessary assistance was delayed to the island, even as government officials spoke out. In fact, Donald seemed angry at the suggestion that he wasn’t doing enough. The expression, slow-walked, comes to mind but that doesn’t adequately describe what Puerto Ricans continue to experience to this day. But this is what he does to Americans.

He appears angry with all things California suggesting that he wants to remove FEMA assistance because residents can’t figure out how to rake the forests. Never mind that most of the land in question is federal land which makes it HIS responsibility, but that doesn’t seem to matter. California is filled with liberals so it is what it is.

But now, after endless rallies where he swore up and down that he would protect pre-existing conditions, he now wants to replace the ACA with beautiful health care. Not that he has anything of the sort with which to replace the Affordable Care Act. No, this appears to exist only in his mind. Does he believe that jeopardizing healthcare in this country will get him re-elected? Or is this another example of self-sabotage run amok? Is his choice to hurt others a childish response to the majority of the country wanting to see the full Mueller report? Is this his response to voters who believe he’s unfit for office? Because self-sabotage appears to be his normal response to anyone who thinks he’s a fool. He stamps his feet, turns the tables on his detractors, and destroys everything in sight.

Regarding his tax scam, Donald apparently believes everyone should be thanking him for the new changes in the tax code. But instead of issuing public service announcements early on when taxpayers could potentially offset any unintended consequences before filing their tax returns, many are now discovering that their typical refund has turned into their owing the IRS. And now, nothing can be done other than to pay it. They trusted Donald to do the right thing. But that was never going to happen, raising the question, why is he sabotaging the American people?

Just how angry is Donald at our country? Is it because our banks wouldn’t loan him money for his building projects? Are the rumors and allegations of his arrangement with Russian oligarchs true? Are his draconian policies really reflective of an underlying animosity toward this country? Because I don’t understand why he would sabotage himself this way unless this is an emotional response to perceived woundings.

If true, Donald has brought all of this on himself. Had he been a better risk, American banks would have gladly lent him all sorts of money for his projects, but they apparently believed he was not. Is this why he appears to be in Putin’s back pocket? Is it why his kids received security clearances they shouldn’t have? How much of what he’s doing can draw a direct line to a self-sabotaging response?

Anger does that. It keeps us from seeing the truth and the effect of our actions upon not only others but upon our own needs as well. Eventually, reactive and irresponsible behavior catches up with people, but in Donald’s case, it seems to have propelled him to the highest office in the country. However, whatever chord he struck within his supporters may no longer continue to ring true when their children can no longer receive treatment for life-threatening illnesses all because Donald told them he would protect them, something he may have never intended to ever do.

For all the pleas for discernment, we’ve become a reality-television society, believing what’s placed in front of us, refusing to look any further. I wonder how many of his supporters tuned in each week to watch the Apprentice, gaining their perspective of this man from a television show, no more real than a work of fiction? Did they believe the script? Believing he was a successful CEO when it now appears to be only a crafted brand?

Is that what happened? And will they finally see the truth if the ACA is indeed struck down? Will they trust Donald’s replacement? Or will he treat the country the way he did the undocumented workers at his golf resorts? Just how much does he want people to suffer?

We have a chance over the next two years to regain our sanity and create a better future. How about we do that?

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on March 27, 2019.



Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…