When Lies Become The Norm

Reportedly, our current “president” has told over 3,000 lies since taking office. And it strikes me that he seems to have a set number of bellicose or hyperbolic phrases that he uses but other than those little gems, his other comments seem spoon-fed to him. For a “president”, he doesn’t seem to have a basic understanding of how government even works, believing the Attorney General is there as his personal attorney. He ridicules, taunts, and demeans almost everyone in sight and will probably not serve out his first term in office. He hires the oddest people, including attorneys to represent him who are reportedly unable to get a security clearance to see the evidence against him. And last night and on into today, Rudy Giuliani may have put the final nail in at least one coffin in which his orangeness may find himself sooner than later.

You don’t have to be a witch or an empath to despise liars. But if you are either of those then like me, you can’t handle someone who lies. I can’t listen to the lunatic and turning the sound off only makes it worse. I know someone else who pulls everything out of his ass and I confess to giving him numerous opportunities to say something authentic only to wait for the nonsense I know is coming. Mostly, I just want to see what he’s going to say. It’s all complete bullshit but it doesn’t seem to stop him. Just like the guy in the White House, he’s a bullshit artist.

But unlike the guy who shouldn’t be in the White House, the guy that I know doesn’t have to make decisions that potentially affect the world. And although he can stir up plenty of crap when he wants to, he has a wife who eventually puts a stop to his antics, unlike the guy who shouldn’t be in the White House whose wife may or may not even be living with him. Rumor has it she and their son are staying elsewhere, no doubt due to his philandering ways. He’s made a laughingstock of the country and of the office of the presidency and he can’t leave soon enough.

I can’t remember a time when knowing someone was lying didn’t tie me up in knots. It’s difficult when you know things you have no reason to know. And when someone is lying and I pick up on it, it’s all I can do to not point my finger at the person and call them out. Because at that point, if I can’t prove what I know I risk not being taken seriously. And that’s frustrating for any empath, or witch for that matter. But it’s primarily the empath part that experiences the frustration because the witch within has more than a few skills to deal with liars.

I heard someone redefine PTSD from post traumatic stress disorder to president trump stress disorder which I think is fair. At least half the country is traumatized by this unhinged simpleton and it’s not getting any better. I’ve assumed, perhaps wrongly, that his press secretary is religious because her father was a pastor. But he seems as far away from a pastor as one can get so my assumption about his daughter may be misplaced. She said today that she gives people the information she has, implying that if she’s said something later proven to be untrue, it’s not really her fault or her problem.

On one level, this is true. She’s a spokesperson, paid to interact with the press on behalf of the guy who shouldn’t be there in the first place. And we don’t actually know if she has the intelligence or the wherewithall to know that she’s being lied to. But assuming she does, how can she go to work every day and speak words she either knows are untrue or at least suspects that they are untrue? Because shouldn’t she be wondering by now just how many lies she’s told on behalf of her boss?

I couldn’t do it. I’ve left jobs where my integrity was compromised by expectations that were either illegal or nearly so, or at least morally compromising. I realize a gig in the White House gives a person bona fides like no other, but it doesn’t seem like working at the White House is doing anything to improve their resumes when they suddenly find themselves unemployed and needing to lawyer up.

I can’t imagine having to lie for someone I worked for. Some people may look down on Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, for her choice of work, but in truth, she approaches her career with authenticity and integrity. Can those who work for the so-called “president” say the same?

Blessed Be

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on May 3, 2018.

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