Weekly Spellcasting Information: 9–15 June 2024

Jan Erickson
5 min readJun 9, 2024

Sunday, 9 June 2024

Magickal focus: clarity, truth, healing, courage, removing barriers, leadership

  • Numerology: 9 — idealistic, generous, and kind; Altruism, Humanitarianism, Generosity, Sympathy; endings
  • The Sun in Gemini
  • The Moon in Cancer (dignity) until Leo 12:28p
  • Moon Void of Course: 12:05p-12:28p
  • Planetary governance: The Sun ☉
  • Governing Planet Ray — 2nd (love/wisdom): Strongest Ray: 2nd
  • Favorability: Excellent
  • Polarity: The masculine (projective) side of self has the most significant influence suggesting motivation, initiation, and expressions of creativity have the most decisive impact today.
  • Elemental Balance: In order of strength: Air, Water, Fire, Earth
  • Lunar Phase: Waxing (magicks of increase) New (focused on opportunities with a tendency toward impulsiveness; time to look inward and make plans for the future)
  • Strongest Sign Mode: Mutable
  • Mansion of the Moon: 10th — Algebha (Al Jabhah) 25°Cn42; neck/forehead of Leo; fosters love and compassion, assists in defeating enemies, and strengthens structures



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