Weekly Runecasting ~ 25 Feb through 3 Mar 2018

Rather than looking at individual runecasting for each day, I’m beginning a weekly runecasting which I’ll post on Sundays. I’ll look at seven runes from left to right and include each rune’s numerology along with their elemental influence. The overall numerology for the coming week is eleven, or the master number for illumination and awakening so with that in mind, let’s look at the runes.

Sunday ~ Mannaz

The 20th rune of the Elder Futhark, this Earth element rune represents the nature of humanity, partnership, and how we express ourselves in society. Looking at Mannaz, it actually contains Dagaz, Gebo, and Wunjo both forward and reversed, so it indicates a joyful exchange with others. Whether you spend time with friends and family or you’re doing something else, Mannaz asks us to live our lives in harmony and joy.

Monday ~ Algiz

Air, Fire, and Water are the elemental influences today along with a numerology of six, or the sacred lay of the Higher Self. Algiz represents protection from harm and our connection with the divine aspect of Self. It’s said to represent the rainbow or BiFrost bridge to higher consciousness. Its appearance today suggests our focus should be inward today, allowing our Higher Self to guide our choices and interactions with others.

Tuesday ~ Ansuz

Continuing the influence of the Higher Self from Monday, Ansuz represents verbal expression and soul communication. Given its placement as the fourth rune, Ansuz aligns us with Mother Earth energies and fosters eloquence and confidence in our communications with others. Its appearance today may also be suggesting that before acting we first align and meditate on the problem in an effort to gain a new perspective.

Wednesday ~ Hagalaz

Considered the witch rune, this 9th rune destroys in preparation for something new to take hold. Whether it be our perceptions or a situation, Hagalaz facilitates trance work and shamanic journeying to assess our choices. It also creates positive outcomes. There is a sense of completion when this rune appears. Representing Urdh, the Norn of the Past, Hagalaz helps banish negative behavior and overcome obstacles. Change is not only possible today but inevitable with this Water element rune.

Thursday ~ Tiwaz

The mighty god, Tyr, stands tall in this representation by Tiwaz, the rune of justice, sacrifice, and victory. We are reminded of our higher ideals today as we become the spiritual warrior with the strength and self-discipline to take on whatever comes our way. With Jupiter as Thursday’s astrological correspondence, energies of expansion may also factor in.

Friday ~ Isa

The eleventh rune of the Elder Futhark, this Master number rune represents the static realm of Verdandi, the third of three Norns of Fate depicted by the runes. This rune of Elemental Water brings stillness and stasis allowing for a more concentrated development of the will. When Isa appears, we align easily in Source Presence, allowing our Higher Self to influence. Isa may also be asking us if we’re blocking our own progress. The stillness within will provide the answer.

Saturday ~ Gebo

Balanced energy exchange with self and others comes into play with this seventh rune of the Elder Futhark. Another Water rune, Gebo is the true gift of balanced interaction with not only others but with the self. With respect to balancing the self, this applies to both balancing aspects of the ego or personality as well as balancing Spirit with personality.

Not everyone realizes they’re actually Spirit inhabiting a body believing those are two separate events. Not everyone connects with that awareness, so today might be a good day to use the meditative influence of Isa experienced Friday and align with Spirit. Feel that divine essence. It’s all you. And then allow that balanced energy to infuse your personality, extending that blessing to others.

We have such an other focus. Everything, all that we experience, is out there so to speak. Except that it really isn’t. Not if everything is a projection of thought from the Creator. But when our ego informs our reactions, any truth is replaced by perception.

For this week, why don’t we assume an inner focus and see where that takes us. Think about who we are in the broader scheme of things, in society as well as in Spirit. Allow our Higher Self to guide any interactions with others throughout the week, with our higher ideals establishing the foundation for our choices.

Aligning our Spirit with form in every moment informs our experiences in a more positive way. It allows us to connect with others on a soul level, letting the chaos of form be the illusion it really is. Until we acknowledge and affirm our own divinity, we will continue to react to the chaos around us instead of emitting the higher frequency of Spirit.

We’ve forgotten who we are. Over the next week, let’s remember.

Blessed Be

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on February 25, 2018.



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