Weekly Esoteric Influences or 5–11 June 2022

Jan Erickson
6 min readJun 5, 2022
In this week’s Esoteric forecast, we’ll look at the current influences from both traditional and esoteric astrology as well as the daily numerology on our lives.

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Aspects Involving Planetary Governors

The days of the week are governed by specific planets, otherwise known as planetary governors, and appear in parentheses next to each day.

  • Sunday (The Sun): The battle of egos between you and a partner that began at the end of last week may continue until Wednesday and could prompt some inner healing. A breakthrough may be possible on Friday.
  • Monday (The Moon): Empathic awareness may increase over this period and on Monday it may express itself within your body as a stress-based response. Avoid overreaction and look within to understand whether it’s your own stress you’re experiencing or if the energy belongs to someone else.
  • Tuesday (Mars): Your ambition is strong and you may be looking for a new direction career-wise. You’re unafraid of taking risks to achieve a better future and you’re ready to expand your horizons. Along with maintaining self-discipline, remember to take time to nurture your own needs as well as the needs of others. A physical outlet may be beneficial.
  • Wednesday (Mercury): You typically enjoy exchanging ideas with others, however, you may be overly focused on one perspective during this period. You may also express yourself more directly than normal.
  • Thursday (Jupiter): You’re happiest in a career that allows you the freedom to explore truth. However, you may also feel that collaborative efforts with others are holding you back and a new approach is necessary.
  • Friday (Venus): You’re likely the person within the family or in your relationships that provides both a sense of balance and peace. Others are especially drawn to your ability to express love and compassion. Right now, however, you may want to find out more information before heading off in a new direction due to some unexpected information that could come to light. A new strategy may be necessary.
  • Saturday (Saturn): You may begin reevaluating how you proceed along a current path to achieve a more satisfying experience. If healing past wounds is a component, allow higher awareness to provide insight.
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