Weekly Esoteric Influences for 4–10 September 2022

Jan Erickson
5 min readSep 4, 2022

In this week’s Esoteric forecast, we’ll look at the influences of the Seven Sacred Planets, Cosmic Rays, The Ascendant, and the Moon’s Nodes on our lives.

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Aspects Involving the Seven Sacred Planets (in the Chaldean order)

Saturn: Although you’re focused on the task at hand and work well with others, you need to focus on enjoying life too. It may feel uncomfortable to do so, but stepping outside your comfort zone may be just what you need to let go of resentment and express yourself in a more balanced manner. In the end, the compromise you make will be worth it.

Jupiter: Relationships are a source of spiritual engagement for you and you value what they bring to your life. You have plenty of energy to pursue new opportunities, however, you can be too fixated on your activities or perceptions. And you can also over-nurture others who really don’t need that from you. Some reevaluation during Jupiter’s retrograde may be in order.

Mars: You search for spiritual meaning in life and you want to share it with others. Grasping new ideas comes easily to you and you’re able to pursue new opportunities and goals. You may also struggle with patience for others who aren’t so adept at interacting on your level.

The Sun: You approach problems from an analytical perspective and prefer work that is detailed in nature. You’re reliable and organized which leads you to leadership roles. That said, if challenged, a square with Mars suggests that some diplomacy will be necessary, otherwise you may make a situation that is likely due to a simple miscommunication far worse than it needs to be. If the unexpected occurs, it’s best to stay calm and quickly move past any drama.

Venus: Relationships are important and you love socializing with others but sometimes it doesn’t come as easily as you might like. You may be too focused on perfection and you need to see others in a nonjudgmental manner and appreciate the beauty found within each person. Or it may be that you are too focused on seeking the approval of others and if you don’t receive that approval it may…



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