Weekly Esoteric Influences for 14–20 August 2022

Jan Erickson
4 min readAug 14, 2022

In this week’s Esoteric forecast, we’ll look at the influences of the Seven Sacred Planets, Cosmic Rays, The Ascendant, and the Moon’s Nodes on our lives.

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Aspects Involving the Seven Sacred Planets (in the Chaldean order)

Saturn: You work well in groups as long as those groups provide enough structure, but not so much that it impedes your creativity or freedom. This is a time where you need to carefully reevaluate what patterns you’ve agreed to, unspoken or otherwise, to develop more control over your experiences.

Jupiter: You search for spiritual truth to expand your inner resources and awareness. Expressing compassion comes easily to you and others appreciate your intrinsic support. You’re motivated to succeed and you invest your time in endeavors that align with your spirituality.

Mars: Your motivation is strong and you easily pursue new opportunities and experiences. However, if challenges arise or others seem to get in your way, you may react aggressively. Take time to reconsider your responses and deal with issues that arise by channeling your anger into physical exercise. In any event, let go of anger and practice forgiveness of others and yourself.

The Sun: Strike a balance between taking time to reflect and being the center of attention. You’re feeling hesitant to engage due to a situation that’s challenging your resolve. The influence or expectations of others may also be impacting your choices and a new perspective may be necessary going forward. But do take the time necessary to evaluate how you feel and trust your intuition to guide your decisions.

Venus: Whether you’re with a partner or with family or friends, you enjoy the time you spend with each of them. However, you may also respond judgmentally when compassion is the better option. This may stem from an inability to nurture your own needs and reflection may be warranted to understand the patterns you’ve developed throughout your life. You may also benefit from a new creative outlet to express yourself.

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