Weekly Esoteric Influences for 11–17 September 2022

Jan Erickson
5 min readSep 11, 2022

Aspects Involving the Seven Sacred Planets (in the Chaldean order)

Saturn (Retrograde): You find it too easy to stay in a strict routine at the expense of having some fun in your life with resentment possible. This is likely due to a square between Saturn and Uranus, both in retrograde. Since this alignment won’t end until 24 December 2022, some inner reflection is warranted since you’ll be dealing with this for a while longer. Be alert to new people in your life during this time who could provide a new perspective.

Jupiter (Retrograde): You may engage with a new partner during this period, either personal or work-related. If agreements need to be signed or otherwise entered into, be certain that you’re clear in your expectations and those of your new partner. If the relationship is taking you in a new direction, particularly if this involves your career, you may need to reevaluate the impact that has on how you balance your responsibilities and resources.

Mars: Patience continues to be necessary this week, especially given Mercury’s current retrograde influence, otherwise, you may cause unnecessary issues or arguments with others around you. Although situations may arise that seem challenging or frustrating, it’s best to see the broader picture and listen to the concerns of others before asserting your own perspective. Expressing compassion and empathy may change the dynamic.

The Sun: Others appreciate your talented and innovative approach to life. You’re unafraid to think outside the box and you embrace solutions that are unconventional. However, you also need to incorporate some realism as well as self-discipline to avoid heading off in a direction that’s untenable. A new wellness routine might be helpful.

Venus: With Venus in the 12th House of unconscious awareness and secrets, if issues of partnership arise, they could involve deception either within your own awareness or from your partner, and some self-restraint could be important. Given that you value integrity from your partner, as well as from yourself, it could be that a lack thereof is creating some stress between you. But with Mercury in retrograde, all of this could stem from some miscommunication and a frank conversation could…

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