Weekly Esoteric Influences ~ 9–15 January 2022

Jan Erickson
7 min readJan 10, 2022

In this week’s Esoteric forecast, we’ll look at the current influences from both traditional and esoteric astrology as well as the daily numerology on our lives.

Sun/Lunar Position

  • Sunday: The Sun in Capricorn; The Moon in Aries; 1st Qtr at 10:11 AM PST ~ Your self-confidence is strong and you make the most of new opportunities that come your way. Later in the day if you feel out of sorts, step back and observe the situation before responding. During the evening hours, enjoy time with a close partner or spouse.
  • Monday: The Sun in Capricorn; The Moon in Aries until Taurus at 6:47 AM PST ~ If you have difficulty with discernment when choosing new partners, your intuition assists you in defining a new strategy. A preference for wholeness may help you select individuals who bring a wide variety of assets, both personal and professional to the mix. Take time to meditate on what you’re really looking for and before long the answers should become clear.
  • Tuesday: The Sun in Capricorn; The Moon in Taurus ~ Friends and family look to you for guidance and they respect your innovative approach to finding solutions. However, if your self-esteem is less today, realize that it may be from long-held insecurities that really serve no purpose other than to keep you from believing in yourself in the way that others clearly do.
  • Wednesday: The Sun in Capricorn; The Moon in Taurus until Gemini at 7:08 PM PST ~ Although you may not feel like asserting yourself today, know that support is there from others. It may be that you’re processing underlying feelings that are coming up and you need time to understand their overall meaning. Take the time you need and accept your feelings for the message they bring.
  • Thursday: The Sun in Capricorn; The Moon in Gemini ~ Exercise restraint so that your impulses don’t overshadow any progress. Innovation is welcome, but not if you lose sight of your intended goal. Plus it may lead to overcommitting yourself to one direction that ultimately keeps you from moving forward.
  • Friday: The Sun in Capricorn; The Moon in Gemini ~ If emotions become out of balance, it can impact your ability to deal with challenges that arise. Let go of control and know this moment will pass. Some…



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