Weekly Esoteric Forecast (3–9 April 2022)

Jan Erickson
6 min readApr 3, 2022

In this week’s Esoteric forecast, we’ll look at the current influences from both traditional and esoteric astrology as well as the daily numerology on our lives.

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Aspects Involving Planetary Governors

The days of the week are governed by specific planets, otherwise known as planetary governors, and appear in parentheses next to each day.

  • Sunday (The Sun): You prefer to forge your own path, but circumstances may be preventing you from expressing yourself in your own unique way. Or it could be that past experiences have impacted how comfortable you are relating to others. Take time to evaluate what you truly want and proceed from there.
  • Monday (The Moon): If you’re feeling uncomfortable at all today, it may be signaling something you’ve overlooked, so pay attention to your inner voice, especially if challenges arise that you’re unprepared to address. If you’re collaborating with others, be clear in your intentions and be open to any input given.
  • Tuesday (Mars): As new opportunities arise, you exercise control over your own fate, and you seek to understand the overall picture before making any decisions. And if you find yourself in a leadership position with others, you may benefit from maintaining self-control when asserting yourself with partners.
  • Wednesday (Mercury): You may struggle with self-expression today possibly due to early childhood experiences. On the positive side, given your strong intuitive/empathic awareness, others may be drawn to your valuable insight. Once you let go of past issues, you should find that you express yourself with clarity and compassion.
  • Thursday (Jupiter): Your intuition is strong during this period and you may either reconnect with old friends or become acquainted with someone new that draws you to metaphysical pursuits. This is an expansive moment where you can reach for new experiences that increase spirituality.
  • Friday (Venus): Although you typically stand out with your strong need to forge your own path, relationships with play an important role in achieving a positive outcome. Trust…
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