Weekly Bindrune for 8–14 November 2020 ~ New Journey

Jan Erickson
3 min readNov 9, 2020

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Now that we appear to be on a new trajectory, the runes I drew for this week’s bindrune appear to set the course for a new shared journey. It’s been a difficult four years, but the end appears to be in sight. We’re letting go of the drama of the past and we look forward now to new experiences. Let’s take a look at each rune to see how it contributes to that new energetic flow and what it means going forward.

Beginning with Raidho and moving deosil (clockwise) around the runecasting above we next have Wunjo followed by Dagaz, then Thurisaz, ending with Gebo in the center. Raidho defines the overall symbolism of the bindrune with its emphasis on the soul journey we take within the collective consciousness with Gebo ultimately tying all runes together in balanced energy exchange.

A rune of Elemental Air, Raidho describes integrated and harmonious movement within and without defining not only how our soul infuses with the personality but its inevitable reach toward others. Raidho also describes the importance of the process over the goal and how we align together in our collective journey in form.

Wunjo, an Earth element rune, involves fellowship and harmony with others and establishes the foundation of the bindrune or the manner in which we take this new journey together with others. It represents our alignment in the light of Source Presence, turned inward, and blessing us with love, happiness, and success. Wunjo, as the wish rune, moves us in the right direction, on a shared path with all.

We let go of that which no longer serves, leaving the past behind with Dagaz, the next rune in the runecasting that builds on the blessing of Wunjo. Dagaz, a rune of Elemental Water, fosters endings and beginnings and the space between realms where all things are possible. All doors are open and all options are available.

The last push toward transformation is discovered in Thurisaz, Thor’s rune, and a rune of Elemental Fire, protecting and defending…

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