Using a Bindrune for Casting Intention

Jan Erickson
3 min readMar 21, 2021
Clockwise (deosil) from top left ~ Kenaz, Inguz, Fehu, and Thurisaz

Casting a witch’s intention can take a variety of forms but I wanted something I could use on a more regular basis when casting the final intention of a spell or working. Since I work rune magick, a bindrune is the perfect solution. I can use it as the foundational energy from which all other magicks can flow. In fact, I plan to burn it into a larger piece of wood to use as a table of sorts to provide additional power to the working itself.

The interesting aspect of this bindrune is the fact that all the runes used, other than Inguz, are presented in all directions. Inguz begins the energetic binding by appearing as the diamond shape in the center representing the sudden release of as yet undeveloped potential. It signifies the seed of creation, inner focus, and grounding.

But if you look more closely, both Thurisaz, Thor’s rune, and Kenaz, the torch or light of Spirit, are bound within Inguz. Thurisaz breaks through barriers and obstacles while also casting the intention for protection and defense, while Kenaz draws in and expresses the light of Spirit into the working itself.

I drew Fehu at each elemental quarter to cast the intention to the four elements which you’ll notice is reflected by the two intersecting lines which bind all runic energies together. A dot terminates each elemental quarter as well as their directions and can be placed on the altar or workspace in a manner that aligns with such. Plus, if you draw your attention to the bindrune in its entirety, you can see Kenaz in each quarter, expressing the light of Spirit outward in all directions.

As well as casting the intention of the working, the bindrune, especially if drawn or embroidered onto a cloth, or as I suggested above, burned onto a larger, flat piece of wood, can be used as a grounding influence as well for the spell or ritual. Really, the witch is limited only by her/his imagination as to how a bindrune such as this one can be best used.

From there, you can adorn the altar or workspace with other corresponding energies from stones, candles, herbs, incense, magickal squares/seals, and other altar items, as well as whatever chant you’re going to use. Just remember that if you ask for assistance from the astral world, be sure to recite some sort of thank you to release them from your…

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