Transformation Within

The 8 of Stones, The Tower, and the King of Wands comprise today’s general tarot influences. The Hanged Man is placed in the position of hidden influence and the 5 of Cups represents the outcome. Hexagrams are attached to both the 8 of Stones and the 5 of Cups involving the concept of the small with the preponderance of the small and the taming power of the small suggesting than an attention of detail may be influencing today. Earth, Fire, and Water are the elements and the overall numerology of the reading is 5 or change.

Strength and structure come through in this card of Elemental Earth. Knowledge is the title of the 8 of Stones depicting 7 large boulders with the eighth signified by a bubble. An elephant appears on the bottom left, its tusks visible above the bottom left boulder. A snake appears next to him on his left, its head bowed, both representing wisdom and knowledge. A stone building, possibly a church or castle with a window in its center, appears in the background with a body of water to the right.

As suggested by the 62nd hexagram or gua of the I Ching, the preponderance of the small, excellence can be achieved through self-discipline even with inherent limitations providing a strong foundation for the future. Traditional interpretations of the 8 of Stones include apprenticeships, skills gained, detailed preparation, and profitable employment.

The Tower depicts awakening from change that is catalytic in nature. Anything is possible when this sixteenth card of the Major Arcana appears in a reading. We see a cylindrical structure, an explosion creating a tear in its side, its contents exploding out into the air. Smoke encircles The Tower as fires continue to burn unabated. The path to enlightenment isn’t necessarily an easy one. Ideas and behavior that are no longer beneficial must be discarded so that new opportunities are explored.

The King of Wands is known in the Haindl Tarot as the Father of Wands in the East represented by Lord Brahma. Multi-faced, like the Triple Goddess, he is represented by Brahma, god of Creation, Vishnu, the Sustainer, and Shiva, the destroyer. The cycle of birth, life, and death are depicted here as well as the transcendent quality of a god. Traditionally, the King is a warrior who can be cruel but is also passionate and generous.

Odin represents The Hanged Man in the position of hidden or unknown influence, hanging upside down from the World Tree to gain enlightenment. Hugin and Munin fly in the sky above a beautiful rainbow while a Crone moon peeks out from under the tree’s branches. Surrender, alignment, and perspective gained are among the traditional interpretations of this twelfth card from the Major Arcana. We feel transformed with this card. As above, so below.

Hexagram 9, or the taming power of the small, appears on the 5 of Cups. Here our focus is at issue. When we become too caught up in our emotions, we lose control as with the five cups in the scene, overturned and empty. Our focus has been on illusion, however, and our disappointment is actually misplaced.

It’s all too easy to give in to fear, both known and unknown, and to forget the strength we truly possess. Tonight the Moon is full, a reminder to drop our perceptions and allow the light of truth to shine forth as we surrender our illusions and allow our focus to settle once more. Too broad a focus and we miss the finer details. To regain that focus, like Odin, we must align in our Source Presence, surrendering to that eternal essence that pervades all.

Soul transformation is gained from going within, not from anything external. And tonight, as we stand outside raising our arms in supplication to the Full Sturgeon Moon, we will draw down Goddess blessings, extending the same to all.

~Blessed Be

Originally published at on August 7, 2017.



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