The Week Ahead: 7–13 May 2023

Jan Erickson
5 min readMay 7, 2023

The Week Ahead is a comprehensive look at both the weekly planetary information as well as the daily forecast. The planetary information presented is from daily astrological charts over the course of the week that aligns with the planetary governor for each day, while the daily information is gleaned from each day’s I Ching-based Human Design chart, runes from both the Elder Futhark, geomancy, and numerology. The astrological and Human Design charts are cast for 8:00 am Pacific time.

Retrograde Planets — Mercury, Pluto

The Sun

12th House/Taurus

Specific influences: 7, Gebo, Populus, Human Design Gate/Line 2.4 Secretiveness

The Sun’s influence impacts an individual’s identity, vitality, and ego expression. Over the week, you may find little support for your ideas and, as a result, you prefer to work alone. If this involves finances, you should avoid making decisions in an impulsive manner. From mid-week on, your energy wanes and you may benefit from a walk in nature to regain your balance. Self-assertion may also be challenging, especially if those around you feel that you’re pushing your ideas, no matter how innovative, on them without hearing their ideas as well.

Enjoy exchanging ideas with others on Sunday, 7 May 2023, as well as the reciprocity that…



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