The Week Ahead: 28 May to 3 June 2023

Jan Erickson
5 min readMay 28

The Week Ahead is a comprehensive look at both the weekly planetary information as well as the daily forecast. The planetary information presented is from daily astrological charts over the course of the week that aligns with the planetary governor for each day, while the daily information is gleaned from each day’s I Ching-based Human Design chart, runes from both the Elder Futhark, geomancy, and numerology. The astrological and Human Design charts are cast for 8:00 am Pacific time.

Retrograde Planets — Pluto

The Sun
12th House/Gemini

Specific influences: 1, Ansuz, Acquisitio, Human Design Gate/Line 16.2 The Cynic

The Sun’s influence impacts an individual’s identity, vitality, and ego expression. You continue over the week to feel unsupported by others regarding your plans or goals. You may feel like you’re making little progress, and you may make choices that are impulsive. Although others appreciate your counsel, you may feel somewhat reserved and unwilling to express your views. Midweek, your energy may be low and you’re unable to appreciate new opportunities. Instead, take a measured approach to routine tasks to gain a better rhythm.

On Sunday, 28 May 2023, you’re able to provide leadership regarding a deceptive situation and respond with clarity and objectivity. You rise above the situation and inspire others to remain goal-directed.

The Moon
Various signs and houses (4th/Virgo 5/28, 4th/Libra 5/29–31, 5th/Scorpio 6/1–2, 5th/Sagittarius 6/3)

Specific Influences: 11, Raidho, Conjunctio, Human Design Gate/Line 46.2 The prima donna

The Moon’s interaction with the various signs throughout the week impacts an individual’s emotions, moods, and vulnerabilities. At the beginning of the week, you may feel insecure or out of sorts if your home is in disarray, and you may need additional support to cope with any stress you experience. In order that you are at your best, consider cultivating daily rituals that help support your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs. Toward the end of the week, you may be given to drama and intense reactions when spending time with others. On Saturday, take time to explore adventures that you find…

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