The Week Ahead: 21–27 May 2023

Jan Erickson
4 min readMay 21

The Week Ahead is a comprehensive look at both the weekly planetary information as well as the daily forecast. The planetary information presented is from daily astrological charts over the course of the week that aligns with the planetary governors for each day, while the daily information is gleaned from each day’s I Ching-based Human Design chart, runes from both the Elder Futhark and geomancy, and numerology. The astrological and Human Design charts are cast for 8:00 am Pacific time.

Retrograde Planets — Pluto

The Sun

  • 12th House/Gemini
  • Specific influences: 3, Wunjo, Carcer, Human Design Gate/Line 20.1 Superficiality

The Sun’s influence impacts an individual’s identity, vitality, and ego expression. Over the week, while skillfully advising others, you actively pursue new endeavors. This may also be a time when support from close partners seems lacking. As the week progresses, you’re fairly reserved, especially if a situation becomes uncomfortable. Take a step back and let things settle before pressing on. It could be that the situation is triggering past wounds, and if so, honor what you’ve experienced and appreciate how it’s shaped your perceptions.

On Sunday, 21 May 2023, you may feel at odds with a partner’s superficial responses, leaving you to feel bound by another’s outmoded ideas or attitude. Instead of dealing with the situation any further, spend time with family or close friends to regroup.

The Moon

  • Various signs and houses (12th/Gemini 5/21; 12th/Cancer 5/22; 1st/Cancer 5/23; 2nd/Leo 5/24–25; 3rd/Leo; 3rd/Virgo 5/27)
  • Specific Influences: 22, Eihwaz, Tristitia, Human Design Gate/Line 52.3 Controls

The Moon’s interaction with the various signs throughout the week impacts an individual’s emotions, moods, and vulnerabilities. At the beginning of the week, you balance the need for interaction with taking time for yourself. You may seek seclusion when upset or under stress and a maternal figure in your life may provide comfort or solace. As the week progresses, you may provide similar comfort to others, or engage in a good conversation. As the week comes to an end, you may not respond well to criticism or drama.

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