The Forecast: 2–8 June 2024

Jan Erickson
6 min readJun 2, 2024

The Forecast is a comprehensive look at the weekly planetary information and a daily forecast that is more of a reading derived from various esoteric sources. The planetary information presented is from daily astrological charts over the week that align with the planetary governor for each day, while the daily reading is gleaned from each day’s I Ching-based Human Design chart, runes from both the Elder Futhark and geomancy, and numerology for the day itself. The astrological and Human Design charts are cast for 8:00 am Pacific time.

Retrograde Planets — Pallas, Pluto, Ceres

The Sun

  • 12th House/Gemini
  • Sunday influences: 2; Isa, Albus; Human Design Gate/Line 35.2 Creative block; Moon Phase: Waning, 3rd Qtr

The Sun’s influence impacts an individual’s identity, vitality, and ego expression. Let go of any self-imposed restrictions this week so you can fully express who you are and what you need whether it’s regarding your personal or professional life. You have a powerful influence on others and you assert your independence well during this time; however, at the end of the week, your ego may foster a narrow perspective.

Sunday, 2 June 2024

If it feels like your creativity is waning, you may need to rely on others with whom you’re collaborating…



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