The Fool At The Helm

It’s tough being duped, isn’t it? We’ve become a social media nation and now it’s becoming clear that Russia bought ads on Facebook targeting certain voters with ads supporting Trump, Stein, and Sanders. Fake news is just another name for lies and fraud. The easy answer is to blame the media for all of it, but that doesn’t address the fact that these ads targeted fear of the other. It was conspiracy heaven and any number of voters were affected by articles and ads that were complete lies. And now we have a fool at the helm.

Of course, not everyone was duped. Around three million more of us to be exact. We weren’t swayed by the vitriol or the so-called fake news the way others were. Families and friendships have been tested, assumptions have been made, and divisions that have existed between us have become violent, supported by the fool at the helm.

And now we have a front row seat to results of those efforts. Hurricanes have devastated the southern region of our country but it’s only today that shipping restrictions are lifted for Puerto Rico. They’ve only been asking since the hurricane leveled the island. It’s not easy, the fool said. You can’t just drive there in trucks, he said. The Navy ship is already on the way, which was a lie, told by the fool at the helm.

Food and water are running out since the hurricane struck. Relief supplies are sitting in thousands of containers in Puerto Rico, 9500 in San Juan alone, but as of today, no one is giving the order to distribute those supplies. Where is the military? As officials sit in an air-conditioned convention center planning and creating their business models the Comfort won’t be leaving port until tomorrow while all the fool and his minions can do is express how grateful local officials are for their efforts. Institutional narcissism fostered by the fool at the helm.

Wealthy people with planes are using those planes to ferry supplies and bring people back to the mainland with severe health issues all while cabinet members fly around the country on private jets, paid for by taxpayer dollars. And the shipping restrictions lifted today, why did it take so long for that to happen? Why were the supposed concerns of the shipping industry more important than saving lives? They were lifted during the first two hurricanes, so why the delay? Such are the decisions of the fool at the helm.

As of this writing, a cruise ship is docking to transport people off the island and back to the mainland. A cruise ship. Even they are more equipped to assist in disaster relief than the fool at the helm.

Of course, had Hillary been inaugurated, the Comfort would have been at the ready and dispatched immediately and the relief supplies in the 9500 containers would be well on their way to the people of Puerto Rico. But then she’s aware of how government can work on behalf of the people in situations like this. She was the qualified one. She was the compassionate one. She won the popular vote, so irrespective of the lies that are told, she was the popular one. Unlike the fool that now sits at the helm.

Russian operatives affected our election whether it was through actually hacking or spreading lies on social media. Voters fell for these lies because it awakened or reinforced something dark that was already inside of them. The vicious language spurred on by a candidate’s manipulation and lies continues even after the election, all designed to keep him in control. But it’s control that’s predicated on fear and division, not on uniting or making our country great. He doesn’t care that the country is made of people and evidently his supporters don’t understand that he’s actually targeting them in the process.

It’s time for the people who voted for this disaster of a president to wake up and realize what they’ve done and then stand up with the rest of us against his narcissism and destructive behavior. Why has the fleecing of the taxpayers become acceptable to his supporters? Why is taking access to health care away from the very people who need it the most acceptable to his supporters? Did they think none of this would affect them? They need to ask themselves, was this what they wanted? Was this what they voted for? And if the answer is a resounding yes, then what’s wrong with them?

Disasters are difficult to both experience and manage no matter who is in charge. Sad we have a guy who is more focused on slamming NFL players than on leading relief efforts. But then we have a fool at the helm. And that’s the point. And soon, we’re going to all know how and why.

But then we have a fool at the helm. And that’s the point. We had a chance to inaugurate the intelligent candidate who won the popular vote. Had we done that, we would surely be in a very different place now. His supporters need to hang their heads in shame and then get on board with righting that wrong.

Blessed Be

Originally published at on September 28, 2017.



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