Taurus Moon ~ 27–29 June 2019

The Moon travels into steady Taurus and the 10th House of career, position, and mother influences at 6:32 AM PDT on 27 June 2019 remaining there until it enters Gemini at 2:09 PM PDT on the 29th. Over the next few days, we may feel inclined to play it safe, particularly in the workplace. Taurus’s practical nature reinforces steady progress, but there’s nothing wrong with expressing our creative side. The chart is below:

Chart Information

  • Mode/Quality — initiating Cardinal energies abound. Remember that not everyone may be as focused and may have their own competing agenda. Guard against inflexibility and frustration.
  • Element — Emotions may be at the surface with the Water Element providing the strongest influence. Earth, or practical matters, follows with both Fire (will/creativity) and Air (intellect) in a weakened state. Relationships are valued, however, we may lose objectivity and self-assertion may suffer.
  • Ray — 3rd (Active Intelligence) and 7th (Ceremonial Order and Magick) Rays provide the strongest influence creating the space for strategy and strong communication skills as well as organized thinking.
  • Sign — Nurturing Cancer and conscientious and practical Capricorn continue their strong influences.
  • House — 1st (identity), 6th (health, career, routine), and 12th (endings, strengths, weaknesses, fears) offer the opportunity to explore who we are. Are we defined by our career, or by the relationships we cultivate? And how does fear influence all of it?
  • Quadrant/Hemisphere — The hemispheres are roughly in balance while the 4th quadrant influences our desire for recognition.

Aspects of the Moon

  • Square Mercury — Orb 0°25′ Applying (lost focus resulting in indecision)
  • Square Mars — Orb 2°48′ Separating (impatient, impulse-control issues, take the bait)
  • Conjunction Uranus — Orb 5°47′ Applying (unconventional, independent, and likely unwilling to bend to the will of others)
  • Conjunction Vesta — Orb 7°10′ Applying (seeking balance through daily ritual)
  • Square Juno — Orb 3°06′ Applying (striking a balance between nurturing self and others)
  • Quincunx Ceres — Orb 1°46′ Applying (we may struggle with our relationships with women likely reflecting an imbalance in masculine/feminine polarity. Stay away from judgment if emotions are difficult to process)

Human Design/I Ching

  • 6/27 Gate 3 Difficulty at the Beginning Line 4 Charisma indicates the energy for focused planning
  • 6/28 Gate 24 Returning Line 6 The Gift Horse cautions that a lack of focus may result in missed opportunity; Channel of Openness — the expression of social awareness; and the Channel of Awareness — an intellectual or thinker
  • Retrograde — Ceres (issues of self-nurturing), Jupiter (inward focus), Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline), Neptune (a focus on the spiritual versus the mundane, remain in observer/Higher Self mode)
  • Lunar Phase — 3rd Quarter; waning; action-oriented

Aspects of the Moon

It seems that where we place our focus determines everything over the next few days. Squares with Mercury and Mars suggest issues involving our will at odds with intellect reinforced by the weakened states of Elemental Fire and Air, while aspects with Vesta, Juno, and Ceres indicate a focus on creating balance in our relationships, particularly those with women. Emotions may be in flux or at the surface given Water’s strong influence and our perception may be affected.

The Channel of Openness active on the 28th supports harmonious relationships with others but we may have difficulty on the 27th initiating, preferring to follow instead of lead. But we can use Neptune’s retrograde to draw back our awareness to a still point and observe our experiences through Higher Self vision, leaving behind the ego’s distorted and often destructive perception.

Magickal Workings

Ritual seems to be favored during this lunar period, so a witch can take advantage of the retrograde influences of both Jupiter and Neptune to begin a daily meditative ritual where alignment is the focus. The goal of such a working is to begin to view our experiences from a Higher Self perspective and if performed on Thursday, Jupiter’s retrograde effect can assist the witch in expanding inner vision.

If a witch is experiencing an imbalance of some sort in a relationship then workings on Friday may be in order where Neptune’s retrograde influence allows for a broader viewpoint. A working or ritual can be performed to restore inner balance to promote healing within and without.

Final Thoughts

The retrograde planets create the greatest opportunity for transformation and healing. Neptune’s retrograde, assisted by Jupiter, offers us the opportunity to explore a more spiritual approach to our experiences, in this case, from the perspective of the Higher Self or Spirit. When the ego is in the driver seat, we react and judge; when Spirit controls our perception, we observe with dispassion and refrain from judgment and both planets create the space for a deeper level of inner transformation.

Ceres’s focus on nurturing self and others coupled with working through any karmic debt incurred by Pluto’s influence may also inform our Higher Self focus while Saturn’s retrograde influence fosters the inner discipline to transform. So, while it may seem like disparate energies are at work, in truth, they’re all here to move us into a higher vibratory state.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings!

Originally published at https://www.imsteppingaside.com on June 27, 2019.



Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Blogger at http://www.imsteppingaside.com/ Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…