Tarot for 8 April 2019 ~ A Master Number Theme

Jan Erickson
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I love patterns in tarot. I was using my Robin Wood Tarot deck yesterday and drew six cards that ultimately resulted in a triple 11 pattern suggesting an overall numerology of 33, the Master Number representing Christ Consciousness. My godhead in Human Design is Christ Consciousness which aligns well with my Left Angled Cross of the Clarion, so when I saw the pattern, it peaked my attention, to say the least.

The question I asked when I began shuffling the cards was, so what’s next? I’ve been dealing with a few issues of late and I wanted to see if the cards had anything to add. I love the Robin Wood Tarot and used it in my recent series on the Queens and I’ve been relying on it since for my daily tarot work.

I initially drew the 7 of Swords, Justice, and The Hanged Man with their associated numerologies of 7, 11, and 3 respectively. Already I have my first eleven card representing the Master Number for illumination.

Next, I drew three more cards: the 8 of Swords, the 3 of Swords and the Ace of Cups. The 8 and 3 combine to reach 11 and if I move the Ace of Cups to the top, another 11 is achieved with the 7 of Swords, Ace of Cups and The Hanged Man. Additionally, we have three Swords (Air/intellect) cards along with one from Cups (Water, emotions) so intellect and reason are a factor in the reading along with Higher Self influences from both cards from the Major Arcana. However, I’m going to look at the cards from the triple 11 or 33 perspective and group them that way for the interpretation.


The eleventh card from the Major Arcana, we see lady Justice, holding a sword in her right hand and scales in her left. She looks directly at the observer, her keen eyes determined and focused, the light of truth emanating from her sword. She sits between two pillars, a recurrent theme in Tarot depicting balance, support, contrast, boundaries, or a doorway into new experiences. Behind the pillars are two tall trees both reinforcing the structure of the pillars and providing entrance into a world of abundance. Lady Justice wears a robe of red, purple and green suggesting power, majesty, and abundance with a wreath indicating protection and authority snugly adorning her head. This is a card of unbiased reason, no emotion involved, only pure reason. Equality, fairness, and legal decisions are traditional interpretations of Justice; however, from the perspective of the Master Number for illumination, the notion of Justice takes on a Higher Self influence. This is not Justice decided from the standpoint of the ego but from the Creator within.

The 8 of Swords and the 3 of Swords

Because it seems as if this is the next place to go, let’s look at the 8 and 3 of Swords to discover how they relate to the Master Number for illumination. Here we see that both cards are from Swords or the Air element reflecting our intellect. In the 8 we see a woman bound and blindfolded as the wind appears to shred her white dress. Eight swords pierce the ground as choppy seas crash around her while rays from the sun attempt to break through the stormy clouds above. Self-imprisonment is the essence of this card. We’re bound by our thoughts, too overwhelmed to make a decision. Perhaps the 3 provides the reason as we see three swords piercing a large red heart while rain falls in the background. Tears fall from the face of the heart while the three swords appear to represent will, emotion, and physical presence indicated by their red, blue, and green hilts, a departure from the Rider-Waite deck’s depiction. There, the swords are left undefined. Wood incorporates red, blue, and green, in my opinion, to bring in the influence of will on remaining emotionally grounded. Betrayal has the potential to disrupt our very foundation, particularly if a marriage or partnership ends as a result. Taken together, as an eleven energy, we can see the need for Higher Self to inform this process as we turn our back to ego and allow that blessed influence to take hold. We’ve felt bound by betrayal and it’s time to let that go and allow for a more balanced perspective.

The 7 of Swords, the Ace of Cups, and The Hanged Man

The 7 of Swords in any deck is shifty and nefarious. I view it as theft of intellectual property which completely freaks me out given my current profession. But traditional interpretations depict a thief making his getaway over a rock wall as he steals swords the knights have left unattended. Tents are lined up in the background with a single flag above one signifying the commander’s tent. Dark clouds suggesting the unknown and deceit cover the sky with blue sky visible only as a slight opening on the horizon. The 7 of Swords suggests that we’ve taken our eye off the ball if interpreted from the perspective of the soldiers in the tents. However, if interpreted from the perspective of the thief as an opponent, his actions could be viewed as strategic in nature. Perhaps the soldiers are attacking a village and the man represents someone who is trying to save his friends and family. Sevens are about balance and maybe this man is trying to level the playing (battle) field. Either way, the idea of someone taking their eye off the ball comes through with this card.

Moving next to The Hanged Man, given that it was the next card I drew, we see the traditional scene depicted of a man hanging upside down from a cross-branch between two trees. Threes are depicted as well with the two trees and cross-branch, his crossed legs, and his crossed arms and head. Triple aspects blending mind and body with Spirit describe the as above so below nature of life. In The Hanged Man, we seek inner wisdom or solace from Higher Self. We go within and align in Source Presence.

Finally, the Ace of Cups shines brilliantly appearing to create its own light as the waters of life spill forth nourishing the water and land below. A ruby heart adorns the gold and silver chalice while a round blue orb surrounded by golden wings appears on the chalice’s upper band. The Aces reflect the elemental beginnings of who we are in form: the Ace of Swords, elemental Air and our intellect; the Ace of Wands, elemental Fire and our will; the Ace of Pentacles, elemental Earth and our physical presence; and, the Ace of Cups, elemental Water and our emotions. The Ace of Cups represents the genesis of emotion, free-flowing and abundant. This is a card of joy and contentment, of love and fertility, intuition and compassion.

Conflict is present in this grouping with the 7 of Swords irrespective of how we see this card. But I have a feeling that I’m now rooting for the thief instead of seeing him as the real problem. We’ve gone within in The Hanged Man, embracing the energy of the eleven and illumination, and summoned Spirit in making our decision and in an effort to protect all that we hold dear, we’ve taken a risk to right the ship, perhaps at great risk to ourselves, to bring balance and fairness back to the situation at hand.

Arriving at 33

In a sense, the Christos within is a spiritual warrior. That presence allows us to take back our power while remaining grounded in Spirit. Justice reflects dispassion while the spiritual warrior within introduces justice predicated on the love of the Creator. The cards show that something has happened, likely a betrayal of some kind and after going within, we’ve chosen to assert ourselves and rebalance the scales. The 7 of Swords holds the key to the entire reading. If read as a thief, then it assumes the soldiers are there to protect the kingdom from nefarious forces. If not, then the man is only trying to protect hearth and home by reducing the enemy’s ability to attack.

33 represents the Master Number for Christ Consciousness or the Christos/Sananda energy within. This is the energy of the Ascended Masters and that loving presence is available to all. When I saw the progression from 11 to 33, I saw it begin with the overall principle of Justice and then progress to how that plays out in our interactions with others. Betrayal can be seen in a dispassionate way, although it’s indeed difficult to do that. With Higher Self as a guide, however, that process is made easier to bear and at some point we can choose to stand in our own power, taking back our dignity in the process. It’s the spiritual warrior within that allows us to rise above the pain and act in a way that preserves dignity and respect, even if others involved don’t see it. Take time to align in that presence, that inner place of supreme guidance, and allow its truth to bless your soul.

A final synchronicity. If we reduced 33 we would arrive at 6, a number reflecting Higher Self influence, which happens to be the overall numerology for today’s cards.

Humanity is in its ascension phase. We’re ready to move on to higher densities and dimensions of experience. We must reach beyond the reaction of ego and view life through the prism of Source Vision reflecting the fundamental truth that we are far more powerful than we’ve ever imagined.

We are Source Energy, the Creator manifested into form, eternal, loving, and ever-lasting.

Blessed Be

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