Tarot for 11 May 2018 ~ The Voyager Tarot

I have a bunch of tarot decks. I can’t help myself. I just ordered two more, the Rider-Waite Centennial deck and the Silver Witchcraft Tarot deck. It’s not that I don’t already have two versions of the Rider-Waite deck, but that it’s the Centennial deck. I can’t believe I don’t already have it. The Silver Witchcraft deck seems really cool, so I can’t wait until that arrives. And then I decided that I would do a tarot series that uses the decks I have. Some are oracle in nature, and some reflect the creator’s intention. Some have the same order as the original decks and some creators have had other things in mind.

But I think I’ll begin the series with the Voyager Tarot. I don’t know it well, so I’ll be using the accompanying book to assist me in interpretation. Its message is shamanic and holistic, oracular in nature, expressing self in relation to universal archetypes. Created by James Wanless, Ph.D., the Voyager Tarot is a journey to remembrance and enlightenment. He changes the suits a bit, replacing Swords with Crystals and Pentacles with Worlds and renames Court cards to Family cards with Child, Man, Woman, and Sage replacing Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings respectively. The deck is beautiful, as you can see by looking at the included pictures. Air, Earth, and Water are influencing and the overall numerology of the reading is six, or the Higher Self within.

Beginning with the 10 of Crystals, we see various crystals, diamonds above, a red cluster in the center and an interesting round object at the bottom of the card resembling a sand dollar with a small triangular crystal in the center. Additional smaller crystals adorn the card while a diamond-shaped star illuminates the rippling sand below while several pyramids appear in the distance. Its title is Delusion and traditional interpretations focus on going beyond self-imposed limitation. It’s the end of illusion, or in this case, delusion. The crystals indicate the emergence of new ideas and we should pay attention to our instincts, that inner voice that speaks only truth. New opportunities are possible when this card appears.

The 4 of Worlds (Pentacles) depicts the as above, so below quality of life. Planets are visible as is our Earthly creation in a piecemeal fashion as if they’re glimpses into the universe itself. Beginnings, as well as continuation, exist in this card as we see the beginnings of an iris in bloom, a serpent of some kind emerging from its egg along with a ram and a stag running through a field of orange and yellow poppies. Life continues on, the Sun of creation extending its rays throughout the universe as a fiery eruption occurs, changing everything. Titled Commencement, the 4 of Worlds asks us to get on with things, to use our earthly power to manifest our experiences and create our legacy.

We begin in love, the Creator expressing Itself into form. The Ace of Cups pours abundance and joy into the world representing our emotional presence, fertility, joy, and intuition. A myriad of flowers adorns the card with an inquisitive blue butterfly attracted by their blending of scents. A crystalline pool becomes a waterfall which flows into a small brook illustrating our changing emotions. Ecstasy is its title reinforcing the truth that we begin each incarnation in love and joy at experiencing humanity once more.

Although our experience will no doubt change us along the way, the Ace reminds us of who we are as Spirit inhabiting the illusion of a body to know more. We remain that joyful Spirit irrespective of our earthly experiences and we should endeavor to pour forth that same love and joy to others. Reinforced by the overall numerology of six, today’s Voyager Tarot reading is telling us to allow our Higher Self to guide our journey and to feel the ecstasy found both in the choice and process of creation.

Blessed Be

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on May 10, 2018.



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Jan Erickson


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