At the heart of all that’s going on in our country right now is survival. Survival of the immigrants, of decency, of compassion, of the American people, and of the dignity of our country. Reagan called our country the shining city on the hill. Now it’s a wasteland of conflict, tiki-torch bearing white nationalists, with a fool at the helm who thinks it’s just dandy to separate infants from their mothers at the southern border of our country. Deport the parents and do goddess knows what with the kids. Are they being trafficked? Are they being sold off to potential adoptive parents? Are they being placed in facilities that a Cabinet member is going to make money from? Who wins here? Who survives to live another day?

I turned sixty last October and I remember thinking I had reached a point where I just didn’t want to put up with any more crap from anyone. So watching the disaster that is Donald Trump has been excruciating. And now that he’s harming children, not only are we raising our voices in outrage, the world is speaking out about it as well. And rightly so. And then Miss Melania, our illustrious First Lady, had to go to the border yesterday wearing a coat with a message: The First Lady Doesn’t Care. Oh, they all tried to come up with an explanation for the sign on the back of her coat. It was huge so it wouldn’t be missed by anyone as she walked up the stairs to enter the plane. It was a message saying, I really don’t care. Do U? and social media went nuts. Maybe that was the point, to give people something to focus on while her husband and Congressional GOP members attempted to take away billions from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Or maybe it was a message to her philandering husband. Either way, it was tone deaf and insulting. Why go if she’s sending that message? The coat was missing when she was in the facility and during the subsequent press conference, but what on earth is wrong with her? Was she EVER a decent person? Or is she just like her husband?

You know, I don’t even care anymore who these people are. I just want the abuse to stop. The powers that be, law enforcement, the government…they all need to pull their heads out of their asses and either do their jobs with integrity or get the fuck out. Just get the fuck out. Now. Because we don’t need you or the damage and trauma that you’re causing. They can’t even tell the truth of what’s really happening. They lie and they lie and they lie some more. The lies never end and until they’re gone, we’ll never know the truth about any of this. Whether is about immigrants or Russian interference in our election, the fool at the helm will continue to lie and obfuscate to avoid responsibility and culpability for his actions while immigrant children continue to be terrified and traumatized.

Donald, go home. Resign before you hurt anyone else. The country will not survive you and your machinations. You want to make America great again? Find a camera and tell us how the Russians helped you get elected. And then go away. Far away. I’m sure you have a nice home in Russia and if you don’t then your buddy Vlad would no doubt be happy to take you in. Or not. I guess you’ll see just how valuable you really are when the proverbial shit finally hits the fan.

Greed is an interesting thing. It leads some of us to make compromises that had things gone our way, we might otherwise not be faced with making. But it’s still a choice to sell your soul to others. And it’s one that may now be playing out before us.

I also wanted to acknowledge and thank the journalists who are reporting on all of this mess. They do an amazing job while experiencing difficult odds so that we understand just what is happening in our name. It’s not fake news that they report, but the truth. It may not be what Donald wants, but it’s going to happen nonetheless.

Blessed Be the children and our One Family. We are more than this and our love will survive in the end.

Originally published at on June 22, 2018.

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