Sunday Runecasting ~ Weekly Runic Influences For November 5–11

It’s raining and I’m binge-watching Marvel movies so I decided to do a runecasting to look at the coming week’s runic influences. I surrounded the runes with crystal Merkabas, a nice piece of Faden quartz, and three pieces of orgonite I created. The two round small pieces include amethyst, clear quartz, and moonstone with copper wire spirals while the large pyramid is far more complicated. I had hoped that the larger inner crystals would be visible, but I used too many crystal chips, although some are visible at just the right angle. I used four copper spirals on each side up toward the top of the pyramid with a larger one covering the bottom. I included quartz crystal shards inside along with amethyst points as well as a small clear quartz Merkaba at the top. Other than that, I used clear quartz and amethyst chips throughout the pyramid.

Orgonite is interesting. It reportedly dissipates harmful WIFI and EMF vibrations and helps improve sleep. I keep an orgonite plate on the headboard above the bed and several around the house, particularly over my WIFI router. Orgonite appears to balance energy so I also include various pieces in ritual and magickal workings for correspondence support. The first pyramid I created was much smaller and not as complex and I use it on the altar with other pyramids. I took my time with the large one, however, choosing just the right crystals and when it was finished I couldn’t watch while my husband tapped the mold to release the pyramid. I put it in the freezer for ten minutes to help with releasing it from the mold and it popped right out, my panic attack notwithstanding.

Anyway, I drew Jera, Inguz, Laguz, Othala, and Uruz and placed them in front of the orgonite pyramid. Their overall numerology is one, representing the All, wholeness, and new beginnings. Earth and Water are influencing our finances and practical matters as well as our emotions this week.

Jera brings growth and transformation. I’ve used it in a garden bindrune that I keep in each of my greenhouses for fertility and increased harvest. Jera’s directionality also indicates energy flow and can be useful in healing rituals that move energy back to balance within the body. It’s also used to bring equanimity to relationships and to support abundance and prosperity.

Aligning with Jera’s influence of fertility, Inguz is next signifying our genetic inheritance. Drawn as it appears in this reading, Inguz resembles an equal-sided diamond. But it’s also drawn as two X’s on top of each other resembling a DNA sequence. Either way, Inguz represents the sudden release of energy, the expansion of desire within.

Laguz represents our intuition and as an occult rune, it gives us access to the astral realm. I use it to pull back my thoughts when dissolving channels to others. A rune of Elemental Water, Laguz draws down moon energy strengthening a witch’s will. It purifies and cleanses and can indicate the presence of a strong woman who may be of influence.

Another rune relating to Jera and Inguz, Othala finishes out the Elder Futhark in its final position as the rune of our Akash and sacred space. Peace, security, and protection of home and hearth are among Othala’s traditional interpretations. It’s also said to contain all runic energies, balances order with chaos, and strengthens family ties.

Lastly, Uruz is the force behind form. Another rune of the will, Uruz invokes what is yet unmanifested and overcomes obstacles through sudden and willful change. Its energy is explosive and fertile, and when Uruz appears at the end of the runecasting, its strength can be used to cast the final intention.

So it looks like something as yet unmanifested maybe making an appearance this week. Home and family are involved as well as how we relate to others. Perhaps a relationship has been questionable of late and a new direction is in store. Strength and prosperity are also another theme of the week and all of the expansive energy invoked by Jera, Inguz, and particularly Uruz, suggest that something significant is coming. There’s nothing here that is specifically negative, so whatever change that’s occurring appears positive.

Since Hagalaz wasn’t present, I’m not getting the impression that there is any real destruction prior to something new happening, but since there are two Water runes present, at least some letting go of what no longer works is implied. But with Earth influences dominating, whatever changes are coming, they feel foundational in nature, with a possible focus on financial or practical issues.

And on a sad note: some of our American family were senselessly murdered today. A deranged man with an automatic rifle entered a church near San Antonio, Texas and opened fire, apparently spraying the congregation with bullets. We don’t have all the details yet, but I read that the ages of the church members present were between 5 and 72, and four young children were from one family. So far, I’ve read that 27 have died and more are hospitalized. And all the Speaker of the House can say is to offer his thoughts and prayers. Nothing about figuring out how we’re going to stop these mass shootings, just his thoughts and prayers.

While thoughts and prayers are important, what we really need is the will to look people in the eye and say no more weapons of war. That safety and protection of our citizenry are more important than someone having an AR-15 or rifles with large magazines or bump stocks. We just had a mass shooting in Las Vegas. And then some nutjob decided to use his rental truck to kill more people in New York City. All of this after another deranged asshole decided to plow through some counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally, killing an innocent young woman.

Who have we become from all of this chaos and devastation? Our new president can’t even take care of citizens in Puerto Rico without starting a Twitter war with local government officials. All while the USS Comfort sat out in the bay, safely out of port, beds empty, while Americans suffered mightily.

You know, if we can’t talk about how we deal with guns in this country, then we might as well throw in the collective towel now. The right to own a gun outweighs everything else in this country. And as a gun owner myself, that’s sickening. We all have the right to protect ourselves. And we all have the right to go hunting if that’s what we like to do. And if we want to shoot said weapons at a gun range, then so be it. But why do we need weapons of war? Because we can? We used to have a ban on assault weapons and then it expired during W’s term. And now that the genie is out of the bottle so to speak, it’s never going back.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but it’s not going to be found in a refusal to have a civil conversation about this. While I don’t support shitcanning the 2nd Amendment, I do support re-enacting the Assault Weapons Ban. No clue how that could be accomplished without a government buy-back of weapons, but something needs to happen to stop our children from dying.

Blessings to all as we hold those close who on this day not only have passed through the veil but struggle to survive this senseless tragedy.

Originally published at on November 5, 2017.



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