Sunday Rune Magick ~ Election Edition

Jan Erickson
4 min readNov 4, 2018


For those folks not lucky enough to live in a vote-by-mail state as I do or vote by absentee ballot, Election Day is Tuesday. Here in Oregon, we have begun mailing in our ballots and for many of us, we’re on pins and needles waiting for the results to be announced on Tuesday. Early voting has been taking place around the country at record levels. With luck, those votes will overshadow any that are left on the wayside by voter suppression. Because that’s alive and well in Trump’s America. That, and violence and the threat of more violence if Trump’s candidates lose.

So, when I can’t figure out anything else to do about something, I draw some runes and see what comes up. Today, I drew Uruz, Wunjo, Fehu, Kenaz, and Nauthiz and arranged them in an Algiz pattern providing a foundation for Higher Self influences. I’m making a bindrune from them to draw their energies into a magickal focus for unity based on higher purpose. In other words, to bring in the Higher Self to inform on Election Day for anyone who has not yet voted or is voting in advance.

After setting my intention, I allow the runes to dictate the bindrune. Uruz, a rune of Elemental Water, is the second rune of the Elder Futhark representing the strength of the aurochs. As the rune of changes, Uruz is the archetypal forming force of creation, shaping matter into form. Essentially, Uruz infuses the power of manifestation into any situation and from the standpoint of the bindrune, it provides its overall structure, all runes emerging from its form. Energetically, Uruz removes self-doubt and initiates healing.

Wunjo, as the eighth rune of the Elder Futhark, brings in Earth energies to influence fellowship and harmony with others. Considered the wish rune, Wunjo brings a feeling of happily ever after to our experiences. It promotes empathy and affiliation with like-minded people. Wunjo describes what gives us the greatest joy, our greatest happiness.

Moving over to Fehu, wealth and possessions are influencing as we consider our vote on Tuesday. The first rune of the Elder Futhark, Fehu brings the Fire Element into play as it speeds things along while protecting our foundation. Known as the sending rune, Fehu increases positive outcomes and moves life force. It advances goals and brings success. Fehu added to the bindrune will circulate the various runic energies into a sending force.

The torch lights our way with Kenaz, the sixth rune of the Elder Futhark, invoking Spirit into our bindrune. Another rune of Elemental Fire, Kenaz strengthens and heals, awakens and enlightens. It increases intuition and purifies energies while as the rune of openings, it reveals deception and secrets. A good rune to include when we’re trying to separate truth from fiction.

The last rune I drew was Nauthiz or the need or inner friction within. The tenth rune of the Elder Futhark, Nauthiz is a Norn rune representing Skuld, or the future. Protection, reversing negative influences or situations and creating positive change are among Nauthiz’s most relevant influences to include in today’s bindrune. Nauthiz awakens the fire within and invokes our will. Perfect for when casting our vote, a true expression of focused intention.

Well, this is cool. Harmony, joy, focused intention, awakening, revelation, all focused into one bindrune, ready to focus the intention of voting on Tuesday. A bindrune such as this one can be drawn as a sigil or carried in your pocket on voting day to help awaken your warrior spirit and reveal truth.

All we really have as average citizens in our country is our ability to vote and make our voices heard. We may believe it doesn’t matter in the end, but if the last election told us anything it was that we can take nothing for granted. There will always be those who lie and work behind the scenes to win at all costs.

This time, we cannot let them.

Please vote on Tuesday. Copy the bindrune below onto a small flat rock, or a piece of wood, or just a piece of paper. Keep it with you. Let it work its magick and please vote on Tuesday. Our very lives depend upon it.

Blessings to all!

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