Suffering The Biggest Fool Of All

It’s said that witches do not suffer fools gladly. And that’s true. We don’t. And I’m certain that it’s no doubt difficult for most witches to sit quietly while the biggest fool of all occupies the White House, least of all me. I spend some time on Twitter each day because it’s interesting to see what others have to say. I block freely anyone who tries to get into it with me because I find such things distasteful and for no other reason. An empath as well, I pick up the vibrational intent of what people write so if I think it’s heading somewhere inappropriate and abusive, I block the person and don’t look back.

Apparently, Donald tried blocking people and I heard a court somewhere said that public figures such as a president, for example, can’t do that. He never blocked me even when I wrote blog posts directly to him. And I wasn’t exactly nice about any of it. Of course, it’s possible that he simply didn’t read any of them. But now I read that staffers are trying to keep him calm with flattering pictures and news stories on a daily basis. There’s even a folder in which to collect them. From Brad Reed over at Raw Story:

Earlier on Tuesday, we learned that President Donald Trump pays one White House staffer $89,000 a year to dig up positive news stories about him.

A subsequent report from Vice News adds some more color to this operation — and reveals that Trump is handed a folder twice a day that contains nothing but positive news stories about himself, as well as “screenshots of positive cable news chyrons (those lower-third headlines and crawls), admiring tweets, transcripts of fawning TV interviews… and sometimes just pictures of Trump on TV looking powerful.”¹

It’s telling that none of this is surprising anymore.

One would think at 71 years old, Donald, you would have given up all of this narcissism but it appears you’re only doubling down. And now threatening war with North Korea is all over the news. Dude, you’re just not qualified to make any of these decisions. You appear to lack a basic understanding of the world and you have no clue what people in this country deal with. You believe erroneously that if you take our health care away from us that that’s a good thing. Donald, people will die if you continue this travesty, many of whom voted for you. At some point, even they will get tired of what you’re doing and realize you lied to them, just as the rest of us knew all along.

Election night was surreal. I went to bed before the results were in because I felt a huge energy wave wash over me and it wasn’t good. Not good at all. It felt as if an energetic shift took place, one that we would be cleaning up for years to come and I became dizzy and ill. Whatever catalyst you provide, it will no doubt be one that teaches that people like you are not the solution to our problems. You will never make our country or anything else great because you can’t consider anyone but yourself. You try to talk a good game, but you really can’t pull that off either, devolving into unhinged rants on social media and on camera about Hillary or fake news or verifiable crowd sizes.

You do realize everything you do and say is recorded in some fashion, right? It’s there for posterity, dude, for all to see and hear forever. I used to think W sounded inartful if not a little uneducated at times, but he never suffered from unhinged ranting. No, that’s your domain.

Listen up. You’re the worst president we’ve ever had and no one is going to ever put you on Mt. Rushmore unless it’s in the form of graffiti. Your destructive mission to dismantle everything President Obama did for all of us makes you look so small but with your level of narcissism, it’s almost predictable. You’re like a bad game show host and it’s clear you’d rather be on the golf course than in the Oval Office working for the American people. You’ve relegated your commander-in-chief role to the military which at first blush seems unbelievably stupid, but then with all the tweetstorms you engage in, maybe it’s for the best.

And the other thing we don’t need? A president who makes money off of us while in office. Between the nepotism of hiring your kids to the endless visits to your golf resorts, it’s all about you making a buck off of the American people. Chinese trademarks? Really? How tacky.

Dude. You used to sound rational. What happened?

There are a certain dignity and decorum we expect from our President that is sorely lacking in you. We expect intelligence, awareness of how government works, listening skills longer than a couple of minutes, as well as the ability to get through the day without having to hear the roar of the crowd at a campaign rally. But regrettably, you’re in office now and our nation is poorer for that which isn’t hyperbole.

Look, you’ll never be President Obama. No one has his class, intelligence, and compassion. So why don’t you stop trying to undo all the positive things he did for the American people and actually help them grow into something even better? Of course, it would involve switching parties, but you’ve done that before. It’s familiar ground. At least you’d piss off the Republicans and end on a high note.

We’ll talk soon. And stop crashing weddings. It’s the bride’s day, not yours. Besides, it’s creepy.


  1. Reed, Brad. White House staff massages Trump’s ego by flashing him flattering pictures of himself: report. Raw Story. Aug 8, 2017.

Originally published at on August 8, 2017.



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