Some Thoughts on Using Magick Squares and Seals

Witches and magicians utilize gods and goddesses along with other entities in their magickal workings, rituals, and ceremonial magick. Enochian magick is one such example where angels are summoned for this or that purpose. The entities called by King Solomon were not actually demons but in my opinion interdimensional beings. Still, witches and magicians down through the ages include these entities in their magickal workings for one reason or another and I’m no different. We also use sigils in our magickal workings including magick squares and seals as well as other forms of sigil magick using various runic or angelic scripts.

Using magick squares in ritual sets things in motion and aligning with the various Mansions of the Moon as well as planetary hours creates a vortex of sorts from which to cast one’s intention. Planetary seals, on the other hand, created from the squares bring situations to an end. I use planetary seals during a magickal working to reduce problematic behavior or situations. But if a witch really wants to effect change, a planet’s magick square or one associated with angelic presence helps influence change from a proactive standpoint instead of always reacting to an existing situation. In other words, create the space for a new perspective to emerge from that person. Using a planetary magick square, a connection of influence can be established in the nonphysical realm with the respective planetary influences providing a supportive foundation for change to occur.

When teaching Kenpo, we had a saying that action beats reaction. It wasn’t a saying solely attributed to Kenpo, but it’s relevant to this discussion nonetheless. While we certainly want to halt unwanted forces, at some point we may find in necessary to influence in such a way that the unwanted forces no longer occur. That’s where acting before something happens makes more sense, a sort of getting out in front of the situation, and using a magick square associated with a planetary or angelic influence adds strength and power to the working.

So if we were going to try to influence say leadership skills in someone in whom they are sorely lacking, we could draw the square of the Sun and its numbers during ritual, focusing on the influence we wish to have. Or conversely, if someone’s ego had run amok, we could incorporate the planetary seal of the Sun to stop that runaway train. Mars could also be used, but I prefer a more enlightened approach and Mars feels somewhat controlling which may not be what the individual needs.

Corresponding influences in support of the magick square can include invoking during the 10th or 13th Mansions of the Moon involving the strengthening of buildings, love, and benevolence, and protection of enemies along with gain, voyages, harvests, and the freeing of captives respectively. The 3rd Mansion can also be used if applying to sailors, hunters, or alchemists.

Several hours of the day or evening can be appropriate for the ritual but 8 pm is designated to improve or increase basic leadership skills. 2 am can also be used if the primary issue is negativity; 7 am if insights and an improved perspective are in order. 8 am is useful if a conscious change is needed, but if all else fails, 11 am can be used if the changed needed seems completely impossible. Add whatever candles and crystals or other corresponding altar items that seem appropriate if you use those sorts of things.

Anyway, while drawing out the square, we focus our intention for improved leadership skills as each number is written, and if it’s a tyrant’s behavior we seek to subdue, we would place the planetary seal of the Sun over the square, speak our words, possibly in the form of a binding spell, and cast our intention to the collective consciousness.

Needless to say, squares and seals can be worn or carried as talismans or simply used during ritual. I tend to use runes for that purpose in the form of a bindrune, but squares and seals are appropriate as well. I love using sigil magick but magick doesn’t have to be all that involved unless we want it to be. Truly, sometimes I simply center, gather and focus my intention, and then cast it to the universe. But in my opinion, using correspondences and sigils add some extra power to magickal workings and besides, it’s fun. We add a little bit of this and a little more of that and before we know it, we’ve summoned a demon or an angel or Goddess knows who. I’m aware of one entity who reportedly appears only when he feels like it and one we can’t call more than three times or he gets really upset and although performing rituals like that are interesting, sigil magick is much simpler.

Especially if someone forgets to chant the license to depart. Then I have a houseguest.

Blessed Be

Originally published at on June 19, 2017.



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