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I like working with sigils and I use them in various magickal workings. Runes are my favorite divination tool from which to create sigils although I do use magick squares for that purpose as well. I wanted to create a bindrune to hold while hedgeriding, also known as journeying, so I drew five runes to see what they’d come up with. I try not to choose runes for use in a bindrune although I do so when the situation seems appropriate. This time, I drew them at random from my rune bag and let them decide the bindrune.

Water dominates the elemental influences with Air next although one rune has both Fire and Air as its influence. The overall numerology of the bindrune will be 3 or triple aspects such as mind, body, and Spirit. It’s interesting that the individual numerology is 24, 2, 4, 13, and 5. A pattern exists with 2, 4, and 6 dominating. 24 has both 2 and 4 reducing further to 6. The next two runes also reduce to 6. 13 reduces to 4 and then we’re left with 5 on its own.

Two represents duality, four the elements and structure, and six signifies Higher Self energies all of which support hedgeriding, and five represents the change in consciousness that occurs during the experience.

The goal of the bindrune is to help me enter and remain in a trance state. Runes contain their own energetic vibrations and combining those energies together in a pattern provides the structure for the intention, in this case, an energetic focus.

Beginning with this rune of Elemental Water generally signifies the end of one phase and the beginning of a new one along with awakening and enlightenment. But if we turn it so that it resembles an hourglass, it now represents Spirit descending through matter, our soul’s vehicle, the Merkaba.

has always resonated with me as synchronicity within or standing in between Spirit and form which is essentially what a hedgewitch does during hedgeriding. I thought it was prescient that it was the first rune I drew.

represents the unfocused energetic force behind manifested form. Matter is shaped by as it invokes change. I’ll use its downward directional influence as a grounding or foundational influence.

A rune of the Higher Self, raises spiritual awareness and consciousness. Considered the rune of Odin, brings energies into alignment with Source Presence.

provides the structure for the bindrune itself and also connects form with Spirit. moves energy from one state to another so it’s useful in astral travel and trance work. In a sense, is directionally opposite of but supports the same feeling of standing in between.

The soul’s journey is represented by the fifth rune of the Elder Futhark and the rune that stands apart in the numerological pattern of duality, structure, and Higher Self energies. However, in the lowest position of the spread, it can be viewed as the premise of the bindrune, or the hedgeriding itself. Blessings flow from the crystals symbolizing Awen in the center of the spread but as Eihwaz moves energy from one state to another, those same blessings move into the nonphysical realm as well.

The goal of hedgeriding, trance work, or shamanic journeying is the inner vision and awareness that results from the experience. The witch is changed by that awareness and vision as she brings mind, body, and Spirit into alignment with her Source Presence.

When crafting a bindrune, it can be done various ways, even simply drawing it on a piece of paper. It’s the intention that matters, but typically I like to burn my bindrunes into a piece of wood. In fact, unless it’s a set of runes created from a specific crystal that I can’t live without, I craft my own runes from trees around my home. The runes in this runecasting are crafted from a Hawthorn branch.

I decided to burn Hecate’s wheel for the sigil on one side of a round piece of juniper and the bindrune on the other. I also included a command in Theban script to grant me access to the realm of Spirit surrounding the bindrune as well as the runes comprising the bindrune. Here’s what I came up with.

After blessing and consecrating the bindrune, I’ll set an intention for the sigil that allows me to enter the trance state more easily. I do this with larger crystals as well, charging them with whatever intention I’m working with. A cursory look at the bindrune in the center shows each rune although is a little hard to see. But that’s okay. I like it.

Runes are cool. They’re full of energy and purpose and they’re perfect for magickal workings of all kinds.


Originally published at on October 24, 2017.



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