Selfless And Christ Consciousness ~ Tarot For 16 December 2017

Jan Erickson
4 min readDec 16, 2017

The Hermit begins today’s tarot reading from the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck. I like this deck because of its symbolism and lively colors. And after today’s six-mile walk in the sunshine, I thought the deck was apropos. Cups, Wands, and Swords are present representing Water, Fire, and Air respectively, with Pentacles representing Earth absent from the reading. As we already know, one card from the Major Arcana is present, along with an Ace. Cups dominate with both an Ace and a 10 which is interesting suggesting an inherent pattern of beginnings and endings. Another pattern occurs with the nines beginning and ending the reading. Beyond that, the numerology of the cards is 9, 4, 10, 1, and 9 reducing to an overall numerology of 33 or the Master number for Christ Consciousness or selfless service to others.

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So laptop lunacy aside, we begin with The Hermit looking down at the world from atop a mountain peak. Wearing a brown hooded cloak, the enlightened teacher holds a staff in one hand and a lighted lantern in the other. Retreat and alignment are the key interpretations of The Hermit as the Creator personified into form as he extends the light of divine wisdom to all.

Four staffs support a flowered garland, two staffs on each side creating an opening or doorway of sorts in the 4 of Wands. Structure, the elements, and the energies of Gaia influence this vibrant card. A castle built on a rock foundation appears through the opening, a portal to new experiences. Harmony, balance, and a sense of completion are felt, a feeling of coming home perhaps with the 4 of Wands.

Two arms extend to each other in friendship, their hands each holding a golden chalice into which a rainbow pours its radiance. 10 cups appear as an arching waterfall creating an X pattern with the rainbow in the sky. The 10 of Cups suggests a balanced emotional exchange is occurring. Success, contentment, and joy are among this card’s traditional interpretations, but given the upcoming Ace of Cups in the position of what challenges us, there may be more to this card’s importance.

The dove of peace looks on as a hand extends from the clouds holding a golden chalice. As light emits from its center, water spills forth onto a lotus blossom in a pond. The Ace of Cups is the genesis of the powers of Elemental Water. We begin our emotional journey in loving joy and this card speaks to the promise of love and abundance. In the position of what challenges us, this card may be cautioning us to keep our focus centered on these principles and not be deterred from expressing our lives in joyful abundance for true abundance and joy are extended and expressed as much as received.

The 9 of Swords may appear not particularly supportive in the position of what supports us this week, but enlightenment and awareness can initially appear as such. Again, as in the 10 of Cups, we see two arms, this time bound and extending upward. But instead of arms from two individuals, the 9 of Swords indicates that the arms are from the same person while nine swords appear in the air above him. Swords represents Elemental Air and our intellectual presence, so the 9 of Swords signifies how we can become bound by our thoughts, especially if those thoughts are getting us nowhere. As upsetting as something like stagnation can be, the 9 of Swords brings this notion into our awareness for further consideration.

Looking at the first pattern I mentioned with the Ace and 10 of Cups, it appears to illustrate an emotional progression that results in a positive outcome. Our emotional presence begins with the genesis of our own awareness culminating in emotional satisfaction and fulfillment with others. The second pattern acknowledges the nines that begin and end the reading. Completion is nine’s interpretation, so it may be that we’ve reached an ending of sorts. Not one that results in pain or sorrow, but one that brings us joy.

The overall numerology of 33 suggests Christ Consciousness. Perhaps the true meaning of the reading is how we find that awareness within and the journey we take to that level of consciousness. In this case, The Hermit counsels us to remain in alignment with Spirit. When we do so, our emotional fulfillment with self and others is complete. He gives us a second reminder with the Ace of Cups and the counsel that our emotional beginnings are pure and should remain so allowing us to view the more negative aspects of self with dispassion thereby giving us the opportunity for further growth.

I hesitate to suggest that this reading is telling us that we’ve arrived spiritually because I rather doubt that’s the message. But it may be reminding us of the focus necessary to achieve Christ Consciousness and the ability to serve all with selfless grace. The Hermit is reminding us to remember who we are as the Creator personified and that our unified presence with all is eternal.

Blessed Be

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