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Below are the reading notes from today’s As Above, So Below reading on my YouTube channel.

Reading Notes:

Today’s runes were Thurisaz and Amissio suggesting protection from loss of some kind. Thurisaz is Thor’s rune and it represents protection, what opposes or challenges you, defense, giants, new beginnings, and weather magick. Amissio represents loss but it’s general enough that it can be thought of as a decrease of something. Its counterpart is Acquisitio or gain or increase, so you can see both Amissio and Acquisitio in a general manner. Both runes can involve finances, but they can simply mean the increase or decrease of something. So, along with Thurisaz, you could have a decrease or loss of protection of some kind happening today. The cards will likely provide more direction on the issue itself.

The Queen of Swords (Air, Court), the Hierophant (5, Major Arcana), and the 7 of Cups (Water, Minor Arcana) are today’s cards, involving one from the Court, one from the Major Arcana, and one from the Minor Arcana with an overall numerology of three or communication, imagination, triplicities, and creativity.

The Queen of Swords sits on her throne holding a sword in her right hand with her left hand extended toward someone who isn’t visible on the card. Gray clouds billow in the background while trees appear in the lower left corner. The Queen takes no prisoners and doesn’t suffer fools as the saying goes. She demands respect and honesty from those around her and she’s ready to cut through any deception with her sword. Legal issues can be a factor with the queen as well. But relating this card to Thurisaz, maybe the issue for today is that you need to demand the truth from someone (or yourself) and see things in a realistic manner.

The next card in the reading, The Hierophant, card 5 from the Major Arcana, may represent someone with more experience who can help you determine not only how you view the situation but also how you respond to what’s going on. Although the numerology of the card is a five, suggesting change, protection, and freedom versus restriction, there are several instances where a three numerology is evident. He sits between two pillars while holding three fingers up (two fingers and a thumb) on his right hand while he holds a scepter in his left hand. The scepter also indicates a…

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