Scorpio Moon ~ 6–8 August 2019

The Moon travels into enigmatic Scorpio and the 2nd House of possessions and self-worth at 6:32 AM PDT on 6 August 2019. Intense feelings of self-worth surrounding a prized possession may come into focus over the next few days. An interesting Yod aspect is occurring that may shine some light on the subject as well. The chart is below:

Chart Information

  • Mode — Energies are remaining stable with the Fixed mode providing a strong influence over projects and interactions with others. Guard against a single-minded focus, particularly if working with others. With Cardinal (initiating) energy in a weakened state, working as a team member is favored over a leadership position.
  • Elements — While Elemental energies are essentially in balance, Fire (will, creativity) exerts a slightly stronger influence although we may feel more comfortable expressing that in a group setting.
  • Rays — The 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge provides the strongest ray influence supporting expertise and original thinking.
  • Signs — dramatic and powerful Leo provides the strongest sign influence.
  • Houses — 5th (creativity, children, happiness) and 11th (hopes and dreams, friends and society)

Aspects of the Moon

  • Square Mercury — Orb 4°27′ Separating — suggests a conflict between intellect and emotions with indecision the result. Observe with dispassion.
  • Opposition Uranus — Orb 6°35′ Applying — indicates a lack of trust with emotions, reinforcing the square with Mercury.
  • Conjunction Pallas — Orb 6°46′ Separating — suggests a focus on strategic thinking.
  • Yod — North Node (focal point) in quincunx with both Jupiter (R, Orb 1°29′ Applying) and Earth (Orb 2°08′ Applying) who are sextile (Orb 0°38′ Applying) to each other and provide the foundational support for the North Node’s influence.
  • Human Design/I Ching — 8/6 Gate 50 Line 4 Corruption describing success through selfishness and compromised values; 8/7 Gate 1 Line 1 Creation is independent of will describes the value of timing in self-expression.
  • Mansions of the Moon — 8/6 — Alchil — 25°Lib42'52" — restores safety and security, strengthens love; 8/7 — Alchab — 8°Sco34'17" — causes conflict and betrayal, supports both revenge against authority and from one’s enemies, frees those in captivity and strengthens structures (Witch Notes. p 90, Kindle Ed.)
  • Retrograde — Jupiter (inward focus), Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline), Neptune (a focus on the spiritual versus the mundane, remain in observer/Higher Self mode), Chiron (issues of healing).
  • Lunar Phase — Crescent, 45 to 90 degrees ahead of the Sun.

Aspect and Influences

It’s clear from the current aspects that we may experience a conflict between head and heart over the next few days. Intellectually we may know what needs to happen, but our heart may see things differently. In fact, it may be our emotions that hold us back from making a necessary decision. Or, conversely, we may find that we rationalize our experience, ignoring intuition and the inner voice of Spirit.

The presence of a corrupt focus or attitude on the 6th may provide a window into the struggle we may experience if selfishness is at the heart of our indecision. We should make every attempt to see the larger picture and another’s perspective and avoid a single-minded focus.

An interesting Yod exists between the Earth and Jupiter in sextile with the North Node as the focal point or fulcrum (quincunx aspect). Given the terrorist attacks on the weekend, it’s tempting to view this Yod from that perspective. The North node describes our future or destiny and with Jupiter’s retrograde-influenced inner focus in harmony with the Earth, our foundation, it may suggest a new foundation for inner transformation that manifests a new way forward. It will take some inner work, and the struggle that may ensue will no doubt cause some chaos as old beliefs transition into something better, but in the end, this is our destiny that calls.

Whether this Yod represents a change in our gun laws or the feelings of hatred that so many now embrace, the time is right to speak with one voice and demand change.

Magickal Workings

Again, healing is in focus while the trauma of the last week is still so fresh. Smudging your workspace or altar with sage and lavender can purify your intention before beginning your work. While it’s tempting to bind any future attacks, a witch may want to balance such workings with healing rituals and trance work that focuses on influencing those wishing to do harm.

With so much extreme energy in play, we may feel inclined to match force, but a lighter touch may be what’s necessary now. Use the chaos to our advantage, nudging it in the direction we desire, dissolving the chaos into nothing instead of toward destruction and harm.

Finish with a ritual for unity. Cast the intention of love into the collective consciousness, renewing the collective Spirit that is ours. Order must be restored and for that to happen, we must come together. A witch, with a ritual for unity, can prepare the way.


When did we decide that our children must live in fear? When did we decide that putting children through active shooter drills is not traumatizing in and of itself? When did malls become unsafe to take our families when buying groceries or school supplies? And when did we decide that owning assault weapons traditionally used in war are appropriate to possess let alone carry about?

Well, it was some time in the mid-2000s when the Assault Weapon’s Ban was allowed to end…to sunset as they call it. Congress allowed the law to expire, likely because of fears stoked after 9/11. Duct tape, plastic sheeting, and daily threat-assessment charts apparently weren’t enough to protect us and now we needed AR-15s to do the job. Except, that we didn’t and now we have what we have. Mass shootings. All the time.

The Yod holds the key with the potential for transformation that moves us forward. Take the time to re-think your beliefs about the other and know that isms will never unite us into shared purpose. Our self-worth should surround how we treat one another and not on the type of gun that we own.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings to All!

Originally published at on August 7, 2019.

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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