Rune Divination for Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Today’s runes are Inguz, Mannaz, Algiz, counseling a sudden change may be experienced (Inguz) where it becomes clear who we are to each other (Mannaz).

Algiz protects that process by transmuting ego and drawing down Spirit into our experiences. Inguz, as the seed, describes our undeveloped potential, both as an individual and within the collective. In fact, Inguz could be viewed as the beginning of all experience.

Mannaz describes integration with others, or in other words, the expression of the other side of self. It represents our collective thoughts and memories of who we are to each other. Visually, Dagaz (new day) and Gebo (balanced energy exchange) are both immediately present in the center of Mannaz; however, if you draw your attention to the entire rune, Wunjo (joy, fellowship) forward and reversed is visible.

In effect, Mannaz demonstrates that when we understand who we are to each others, we naturally want to meet one and other in the middle for a more balanced experience.

Finally, as we understand and embrace this ancient truth, we raise our hands in supplication to the goddess with Algiz, as we draw down her blessings of harmony and peace.

One last observation: Kenaz, as the torch, imbues each rune with the light of Spirit. We inwardly experience its effect with Inguz as Kenaz is turned inward in all directions. We experience outwardly with Mannaz and its appearance within the X pattern of Gebo in its center. Within Algiz, we see Kenaz pointing twice toward the realm of Spirit. So, as you can see, Spirit infuses today’s divination from all angles.

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