Remembering Who We Are To Each Other ~ The Weekly Bindrune for 15–21 November 2020

Jan Erickson
5 min readNov 15, 2020

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Left to right from the top left: Inguz, Dagaz, Gebo, Othala

As I was drawing this week’s runes from the rune bag, I noticed a theme was emerging which addresses not only our collective alignment on a new path forward, but specifically how we respond to the virus as it explodes around the country. For anyone who still believes COVID-19 is a hoax, you’re simply wrong. People are getting sick, really sick, and as of this morning’s information from the World Health Organization, 10,641,431 people in the United States have contracted the disease while 242,542 of us have died. And that’s a loss too great and unacceptable by any standard.

At minimum, a change in perception is required now so that as many of us as possible survive this virus. I read yesterday that 40% of the people in these United States have indicated that they still intend to gather together with family and friends over the holidays with 30% saying they’ll do so sans masks. Again, an unacceptable choice when a virus of pandemic proportions is increasing around the country.

As we know if we’re paying attention at all, COVID-19 cases spike up whenever people gather together, whether at superspreader events or in family gatherings. We typically don’t know when we contract the virus and between the time when that happens and when we experience symptoms, days can go by where we can shed the virus on anyone we’re around if we’re not wearing a mask. Face shields alone, and I say this every time I do a video about anything at all, are not sufficient to prevent the spread of the virus. That happens only by wearing a mask.

Othala, in the bottom right hand corner of the picture above, really provides the entire basis for the bindrune as it contains both Inguz (upper half) and Gebo (lower half) within its structure. From there, adding a line on either side of Gebo adds the energy of Dagaz to the bindrune.

An Earth element rune, Othala describes tradition, ancestral heritage, sacred space, protection, and prosperity. It…



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