Redefining Our Own Narrative

It may be time to begin redefining our own narrative. It’s been suggested that there was a time where patriarchy didn’t exist, that our existence blessed the Great Mother and we shared a more egalitarian life together. The storyline was changed when our genetics were manipulated and we became beholden to our makers and overlords, deifying them all. Slaves were more like what we became and we’ve not become free yet. It’s a mindset and a patriarchal structure where oppression, manipulation, and control are exerted by a chosen few. Over time, the overlords evolved into both royalty and the clergy with the Roman Catholic Church at the helm.

Structure and hierarchy found in religion permeate many aspects of society. We’re defined by the narrative collectively set down by the church. In that view, we are children of God expressing original sin or something to that effect. There is someone in charge and it’s typically not us and we’re to adopt those beliefs or we’re wrong in some manner. The fact that there are so many religions to choose from suggests a lack of agreement on said beliefs. So what if we get it wrong and choose the wrong religion? What then?

Witch history is sketchy and somewhat dependent upon a religiously oriented viewpoint. The church in concert with royalty became obsessed with anything not within their control, so healers, midwives, and anyone who wasn’t liked were threatened, arrested, tried, and murdered for practicing witchcraft whether they were guilty or not. King James VI/I is a cousin in my ancestry and ordered the North Berwick witch trials after some nonsense reportedly started by another cousin, Francis, the 5th Earl of Bothwell. He was irritated that he had not become King and got creative with his hissy fit which resulted in the deaths of many. Another King James who was either James VI/I’s grandfather or great-grandfather, ordered my 14th great grandmother, Lady Janet Douglas of Glamis Castle burned for witchcraft. So we can see the problems royals and the clergy caused.

Given the ridiculous attitude and participation of the church, I have a problem with structuring the practice of witchcraft after that type of hierarchy. I’ve never been in a coven, so any tradition I have developed over time emerged from my own perspective. Gerald Gardner is credited with creating a tradition of witchcraft known as Wicca and is rightly celebrated for doing so. He along with others attempted to recreate a rich tradition that future witches could reference if not follow in their own practice and many witches since have used his work as a springboard for their own.

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t view being a witch as a practice. Instead, it’s part of my biology. So I fail to see why I need to refer to anyone’s version/vision of who I am to practice the craft. Because what is the craft, really, if not an expression of Higher Self manifesting some influence for one purpose of another? It exists irrespective of one’s perspective or tradition. It’s not that we can’t adopt another’s method of doing something, but it shouldn’t be required to view oneself as a witch. Or anything else for that matter.

We accept too much definition from others. From our parents, our teachers, our employers, friends, anyone. Instead of assuming and expressing our own sense of self, we look to others for approval, as a gauge for how we should behave or live. And I’m not so sure that has served any of us well in the long run. For example, we ought to all be able to agree that it’s not okay to terrorize children. And yet, we see conflicting attitudes over what’s happening with immigrants coming to our borders with some folks just fine with what’s happening to the kids. How on earth did that happen? How is it that anyone could be in favor of this depraved practice? And yet, regrettably, some are.

I think it comes down to giving away your own sense or moral compass to someone else’s notion of how things should be. We’ve stopped thinking for ourselves and have become dependent upon the beliefs of others to establish our own. For me, the difficulty I experience involves the fact that I accept that I am an expression of Source Energy and that the world we see is a collective projection of our unified presence with others which many would say that is just New Age crap. But I don’t believe life begins in the bodies that we inhabit. Our existence is timeless and eternal. If we could remember that truth in all of our interactions with others, we might do a better job in that regard. Ascension is essentially about that remembrance, awakening to who we really are as the Creator in form.

I feel a sense of removal from life that has only increased as I’ve gotten older. Now in my Crone years, I’m more likely to step back and observe the process without becoming too involved if at all unless it’s something I really feel the need to do. I don’t support the current occupant of the White House and I tend to speak out about that but these days, the whole mess is so confusing to unravel that I’ve begun looking to other reasons for why the election went the way it did. I voted for Hillary, but I knew she wouldn’t win. I really wish she had because I think we’d be in a much different place in our country right now. But that said, the guy who won (because that’s still debatable) is a catalyst. For what exactly, I’m not sure.

I watched a video the other day with Alfred Lambremont Webre interviewing Peter Kling about why people support the new guy and what this may be all about. Apparently, at least some of his supporters view his election as a fulfillment of Biblical end times prophecy. Now even with my limited religious background, I know a little about that but I had no idea that moving the embassy to Jerusalem had anything to do with it. And then there’s something about rebuilding Solomon’s Temple? I don’t know but it sure seems like folks are using prophecy as a recipe to create something here instead of a more natural unfolding that prophecy usually represents. And for whatever reason, they think the new guy is their guy. A savior of sorts to right all the wrongs.

They believe he will round up the pedophiles, return all the money from the banksters, and arrest everyone who is anyone in government. Draining the swamp, they call it yet from my perspective, he’s only added to it. And with his sexual proclivities, it’s fascinating that they believe he would round up pedophiles on his own, as if on a mission. Tell that to the foreign models who are now speaking out about what it was like to work for his modeling agency. No, if he’s doing this, it’s because someone else is instructing him to do so. I can’t believe for one second he came up with any of this on his own, especially after witnessing what he’s doing to separate immigrant children, some babies, from their parents at the border. I read one toddler was separated for several months and no longer recognized his parents when they were reunited. No, this isn’t a savior. This is something else entirely.

And I wonder if things don’t turn out exactly as planned or as thought, then what will they do? Would Hillary have been as malleable? Would she have done the bidding of those in charge of the world? Or were they concerned that she might pose a problem for them, for the agenda they wish to invoke on the world? Did they not have enough compromising information on her to manipulate her, or was the new guy a better option for them?

I have a feeling that whatever was planned here, how this was directed, in the end, it won’t satisfy anyone save the small circle of people who control the world. They’re not going to allow him to ruin them, not when it was probably them who put him there. He’ll do their bidding and when they’re done, he’ll be made to go away. This has been a closed system from the time of the first genetic manipulation of humans. Although many are awakening to this truth, it’s going to take more time for others to do the same. It would be nice to think that a savior will clean up everything, but according to Kling, that’s not what’s happening here. He views it as a fulfillment of Biblical end times prophecy, not that he’s a saint, but a catalyst along with Putin. Whether each understands their greater purpose or not, the outcome of it may not be what people expect.

My husband uses the expression, you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Admittedly, every time he says it, I spend more time than I should, imagining the process of doing that, but he has a point. Sometimes a savior appears or is chosen who is, in fact, a criminal. His actions may be destructive or at least counterproductive, but they may bring about something better somewhere down the road that grows in his wake. A sort of a phoenix rising from the ashes scenario. Trust me when I say that this is the most positive thing I can say about what’s happening now. I really don’t understand why we have to do it this way, but maybe it’s to awaken those who have given themselves away the most. But I gotta say, this drama got old the moment it began.

Redefining our own narrative allows us to move into a space where we call the shots in our life and not give that privilege away to other individuals or institutions. It also allows us to see problems that exist and not be fooled into blindly following leaders who are nothing like they appear.

Blessed Be

Originally published at on July 23, 2018.

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