Realizing Our Dreams ~ Tarot for November, 2017

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It’s time again for a monthly tarot reading, this time for November. I’m using three cards for each week with an initial card that indicates the overall influence along with a card for what crosses and one for what benefits. The overall numerology of the month is 22, also known as the powerful Master Builder number which turns our dreams into reality.

All elements are present with Cups representing Elemental Water and our emotions dominating the month with Rods (Wands) representing Fire and our will a close second. Pentacles (Earth and practical or financial issues) is next with Swords (Air and our intellect) lesser influences. Sometimes the answer when such disparity exists is found in a focus on the lesser influences, but we’ll see as the month progresses if that’s necessary.

The overall weekly influences are comprised of two cards from the Major Arcana that begin the first and last weeks of the month while two Court cards begin the second and third weeks. They include The Hanged Man, The Queen of Rods, The King of Cups, and The Empress.

Beginning with week one, The Hanged Man provides the overall influence with The 5 of Rods in the crossed position and the 2 of Swords in the position of benefit. Its numerology is one or new beginnings and the elemental influences surround our will and intellectual presence. The Hanged Man represents transformation stemming from the release of what no longer serves. We surrender and allow, letting all resistance fall away as we achieve a new perspective.

Crossing or challenging our efforts is the 5 of Rods where we see five hands holding rods in apparent battle mode. The differing garb depicts various perspectives at odds with each other. This card of Elemental Fire is cautioning against allowing an unrealistic perspective to cloud our choices.

The 2 of Swords suggests that a dispassionate view provides the most benefit. A female warrior stands blindfolded, arms crossed, each hand holding a sword. A crescent moon depicting Goddess in her Maiden aspect hangs in the night sky. She stands at the ocean’s edge, trusting that her own intuition, her inner voice, will guide her path.

We begin not only a new month but a new year as well. Whatever baggage we’ve carried around over the last year can now be released allowing new perspectives gained to influence the future. With the awareness of how our own willfulness can muddy the waters, we would do well to seek a more dispassionate viewpoint, standing in observation in lieu of reacting in aggression.

Moving into week two of November, The Queen of Rods (Wands) brings an overall energy of affection and generosity to the week. She’s talented and successful, honorable and dynamic. The golden color throughout the card along with the large sunflower the Queen holds indicates vitality and energy. She is active and competitive and can react in anger if pressured. But primarily, the Queen of Rods is courageous and enthusiastic.

Three women wearing flower wreaths in their hair sit together at a table adorned with fruit and three golden chalices. Mind, body, and Spirit are in balance in the 3 of Cups. A celebration is the theme of this card as the friends come together in a happy reunion, but in the position of challenge, it may indicate lost focus.

A wind blows the sails of a boat on choppy water while three birds fly above in the distance in the 2 of Pentacles. A man wearing a green robe with a red hat adorned with two pheasant feathers stands with his back to the water. He holds two large pentacles connected by a band in the shape of a lemniscate. Pentacles typically indicate finances and this card suggests some juggling may be going on. Past experiences are of beneficial influence as the man considers a financial decision.

The overall numerological influence for the week is five or change. Emotions may be influencing financial decisions this week that could bring substantial change to our lives. A balanced approach here will be key.

The King of Cups begins the overall influences of week three, spiritual, loving, and creative. He holds a scepter in his left hand, a golden chalice in his right. His crown has a fishy feel to it as the lower part appears scaly. He stands before choppy water suggesting that underlying emotions belie his serene expression. Ill-dignified, the King is passive-aggressive and shallow but when in balance he is self-disciplined and wise.

In the position of challenge, the 7 of Rods (Wands) illustrates a man holding a staff defending his position while six additional staffs protrude from below. He stands in his own power and the staffs below him may reflect a defensive stance or may reflect the challenges he now faces. Seven reflects magick and divinity as well as the shadow side of self. The 7 of Rods asks us to consider how we face confrontation and conflict.

A pattern emerges in the position of beneficial influence. We saw the 2 of Pentacles influencing a decision we needed to make last week and now the 4 of Pentacles appears this week suggesting that we’ve made our decision and now there appears to be some reward. Given the challenges we’re experiencing this week, however, like the individual on the 4 of Pentacles, we may feel exhausted while steadfastly holding onto what we’ve achieved. Or we may feel reflective about the struggle we faced, thankful for the positive outcome.

Passive-aggressive interaction with others interferes with achieving our desired goals. Week three’s overall numerology is eleven, or the Master Number for illumination, intuition, and the subconscious and reminds us to let go of ego. As the third week of November unfolds, we should be mindful of our own honesty and integrity in our dealings with others so that any self-generated conflict doesn’t derail a positive outcome.

In week four, we find The Empress influencing offering abundance, love, and happiness to our experiences. Reflecting the Goddess in her Mother aspect, The Empress represents a portal to new experiences. She sits at water’s edge, her left foot stepping on an upward-turned crescent moon. She holds a bouquet of cattails and a large lily like a scepter in her left hand, her shield in the right, her gown flowing around her pregnant womb. She represents elegance and dignity, reflecting a gracious and receptive presence. The numerology for The Empress is three or triple aspects and wholeness.

Change is reflected again in the 5 of Cups. The man has lost his focus as he sees only loss, unable to see the two cups that are still upright behind him. Clouds darken the sky while black birds fly above a castle in the distance. The focus here is on the ego and disappointment felt. The 5 of Cups is about wanting what we cannot have and a focus on illusion in this position of what challenges.

Lastly, in the position of beneficial influence, the 6 of Cups illustrates a young boy offering a cup full of flowers to a young girl. The exchange of love and friendship are traditional interpretations of the 6 of Cups along with gifts given and received. Six reflects the Holy Spirit within along with balance and harmony and it may be that a reunion of sorts may be happening during this week with family and/or friends which may prove beneficial.

Even with the change reflected in this week’s overall numerology, we have an opportunity to realize all that we truly possess. Our financial security is important, but so are our relationships with others. As this is also Thanksgiving week, taking time to appreciate family and friends is a wonderful way to experience this truth.

The month progresses from trusting our inner voice to realizing the importance of family and friends. A financial decision made during the month appears to yield positive results while we learn to balance standing in our own power with respect for others’ perspectives. Finally, all of the success we’ve experienced during the month creates a legacy for the future that we can share with friends and family.

Again, the overall numerology for the month is 22, the Master Builder and suggests that during this month we have an opportunity to realize our dreams. As we remain mindful of who we are and listen to our inner truth, we will face our challenges with a dispassionate grace, letting go of our own biases that hinder our success.

Blessings and thanksgiving to all!

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