Ray Influences for 9 January 2018

Jan Erickson
4 min readJan 9, 2018

Because esoteric astrology is more concerned with a soul-centered focus in lieu of the traditional personality focus of most astrological charts, I’ve found that my attention is drawn more to underlying vibrational influences than to specific planetary ones. I like thinking about foundational influences and my Solar Fire software gives me the ability to look at Ray and Elemental influences and other chart balances. In fact, this software provides so many varying perspectives that there’s something for everyone.

In my reading of Alice Bailey’s work, it seems that how the Seven Rays, the energetic building blocks of creation for example, move through and affect the planets, etc. is more important than the bodies through which they emanate and I’ve included a chart balances graphic to illustrate how they all play out.

The Rays most active today include Rays 1, 3, and 7, with 4 influencing as well. The Cardinal Cross is most active as is Elemental Earth. And as you can see from the chart above, most of the planets are in the upper left-hand quadrant of the chart. Earth influences the practical side of our lives, representing finances, what grounds us, and our boundaries. One of three astrological crosses, the Cardinal Cross typically indicates soul-centered influences allowing the soul to express itself within the personality. Sacrifice and initiation are signified by the Cardinal Cross and its Ray is the 1st Ray of Will/Power. With this energy, we’re aware of the Self as Spirit acting through the personality (body) and our choices reflect a more neutral or dispassionate focus.

The primary grouping of planets in the chart are in the upper left, above the horizon suggesting a mission focus and a desire to share what’s learned with the world. But the Rays themselves are most interesting and the most dominant Ray today is Ray 3, one of the three Rays of aspect, the Ray of Active Intelligence representing intelligence inherent in everything.

The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence influences our sense of service to humanity as we bring new ideas to fruition that benefit the greater unified presence of all. Scholars, astrologers, abstract thinkers of all types express the 3rd Ray’s influences of adaptability, as well as clarity of thought and expression making its correspondence with the Throat Chakra. When this Ray is influencing, we express tolerance and order, seeing all through the eyes of Source Vision.

The 1st and 7th Rays are also dominating today and it’s interesting that they’re considered opposites of each other. The 1st Ray is essentially the will to be or the manifested Will of All That Is and corresponds to the Crown Chakra. It involves creation energy that’s not really manifesting except in its 7th Ray form of Ceremonial Order and Magic where the 1st Ray finds its physical expression. 7th Ray energies involve balanced relationships, of the body itself and with others. Its positive influence is found in alignment and harmony and corresponds with the Sacral Chakra.

The 4th Ray of Harmony and Conflict is also providing an influence although to a lesser degree than the other three and along with the 3rd Ray, it helps us to view our experiences through the balanced perspective of Source Vision. It allows us to experience and express love and harmony and corresponds to the Root Chakra of the body.

The Law of One discusses the difference between service to self and service to others. Both choices are acceptable, but the former has the disadvantage of a more narrow, personality-centered focus. And now with ascension here, the soul-centered focus found in service to others expresses a level of inner and outer harmony that aligns us with our Source Presence. Awareness of the active Rays each day can help us hone our soul’s journey, focusing on particular expressions that align with our greater unified presence.

This is an unfolding process, but one that is happening irrespective of the choices we make. We will ascend, along with Gaia, to a higher density of awareness. Understanding how to work with the energetic Rays of Creation gives us the blueprint we need for that process.

Blessed Be

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