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Jan Erickson
4 min readJul 30, 2017

Someone I know is in need of a protection bindrune to carry so I set the altar to reflect some Sunday energy along with some Crone influence for hidden awareness and truth and created a bindrune. Instead of selecting runes for the bindrune myself, I tend to allow the runes themselves to speak to the issue so after casting the circle and aligning with the Planetary Seal of Mercury, I cast Eihwaz, Kenaz, Wunjo, and Inguz from my rune bag.

All elemental energies are represented except for Water which makes sense because the protection is from someone whose emotions are out of control or this person probably wouldn’t be behaving this way in the first place. Air intensifies Fire and when balanced with a foundational presence such as Earth, it creates a shield of protection, expansive and impenetrable, a sort of leave me alone already amulet for the targeted person to carry or wear. The overall numerology reduces to 13 or 4 if I view it the way most numerologists do. But I’m a witch and I see the number 13 as a Master Witch number, or maybe in my case Mistress Witch number, so I tend to let the magick of the number do it’s own influencing so I’ll leave it alone.

I cast the runes deocil beginning at the top with Eihwaz, the thirteenth rune of the Elder Futhark, prescient given the overall numerology we just looked at. Considered the rune of paradox, this rune of both Elemental Air and Fire establishes the connection between nonphysical and physical aspects of Self. It protects, banishes, and removes obstacles from our path. Eihwaz helps us get out of the way of our ego, preventing our own self-destructive behavior from creating chaos.

Another rune of Elemental Fire, Kenaz lights our path and represents the witch’s power To Know. Critical in any protection bindrune, the presence of Kenaz strengthens any rune magick by revealing what’s hidden and increasing intuitive awareness. It purifies as it awakens and as the rune of openings we are transformed by it’s illuminating power.

The wish rune, Wunjo creates harmony, joy, and fellowship with others, even with those who mean us harm. Protection must be balanced with compassion for those who are so out of balance that they cannot engage with others in an appropriate manner. Sometimes all that’s needed is for that individual to see that a positive interaction is possible and Earthy Wunjo brings in that influence. The happily ever after rune, it speaks to the possibility of a new direction born from enlightenment and empathy.

The final rune in the runecasting is Inguz, another rune of Elemental Earth. There’s a practical nature to the bindrune for protection I’m creating because at some point, the disruption caused by someone who can’t seem to engage with others without sniping and harassing them must end. Nothing ever gets accomplished because of their sole focus on disrupting someone else. As the seed or rune of our genetic inheritance, Inguz expresses the desire within for expansion or growth. The situation at hand is untenable and it’s time for a new experience. And I know the individual I’ll give this bindrune to wishes for growth and not stagnation. Inguz calms domestic problems and overcomes illusion and when placed at the end of a runescript, it prevents any energy escaping from the bindrune. I used it in a garden bindrune I created and I actually used it to frame the other runes involved. Inguz also releases energy suddenly so the desire for a new direction or engagement can be felt immediately by the botherer in question.

The bindrune serves to protect both parties, the wearer from being bothered anymore, and the botherer who needs a new perspective. So in a sense, the energy of the bindrune protects the botherer from doing any further damage to their own spiritual presence. And I like the approach of not just stopping something but creating the space for a more positive perspective or awareness to unfold.

Lastly, I wanted to add something about bindrune creation and the reason I let the runes dictate the bindrune. Runes represent soul archetype influences in much the same manner as the Major Arcana in tarot. Allowing the runes to decide the bindrune composition may take the rune magick in a different direction which may actually identify the real problem that needs addressing. So I get out their way and let them give me the direction to take.

And here’s the bindrune:

Blessings to all!

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