Pisces Moon ~ 25–28 May 2019

The Moon travels into deeply emotional Pisces and the 2nd House of possessions at 11:08 PM PDT remaining there until it travels into Aries at 11:32 AM PDT on the 28th. A retreat may be necessary should a stressful situation occur. And given the upcoming holiday weekend, it’s almost a given that someone or something may provide just the right trigger. Maintain strong emotional boundaries. The chart is below.

Chart Information

  • Mode/Quality — We may feel like procrastinating give the strong presence of Mutable energies. And no, procrastination isn’t the same as flexibility, no matter how much we might want it to be so.
  • Element — Earth and Water, physical concerns and emotions, provide the primary influences.
  • Ray — The 2nd (Love/Wisdom) and the 4th (Harmony through Conflict) provide the strongest Ray influence creating the space for cooperation and harmony.
  • Sign — Gemini, and Capricorn are the primary sign influences. Flighty versus disciplined.
  • House — 2nd and 5th provide the strongest influence suggesting a creative use of resources.
  • Quadrant/Hemisphere — 2nd quadrant (sensitive to the needs of others), Northern hemisphere — (feeling secure within leads to outward success)
  • Retrograde — Ceres (issues of self-nurturing), Jupiter (inward focus), Pallas, Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline)
  • Human Design Gate/Line — Gate 63 After Completion Line 1 Composure suggests remaining composed while achieving success.
  • Lunar Phase — Disseminating, waning


We don’t always think about the effect of the Earth on who we are, but a Yod between the Earth, Mars, and Uranus exists and I thought it might be interesting to look at it. The Earth is in Sagittarius which suggests we are on the path to enlightenment and unified consciousness. Also in the 11th House, relationships are an important focus. Not bad for the focal point of the Yod. The sextile exists between Mars and Uranus (Orb 2°09′ Separating) with a quincunx or inconjunct existing between these two planets and the Earth. A quincunx suggests energies that don’t really see or experience each other all that well so the two planets in sextile provide the collective impetus for what happens with the focal planet, in this case, the Earth and the spiritual path we’re currently on.

The sextile between Mars and Uranus describes energy that provides the flexibility for adventure. As the energetic base for the focal point of the Yod, it suggests that the path we’re on will have a social or even a societal focus. The use of intuition will be a factor as will the willingness to pursue an unexpected direction possibly involving a leadership role of some kind. Well, that’s cool.

Magickal Workings

If getting together with family and/or friends over the Memorial Day weekend, magicks involving allowing and improved communication may be appropriate. Monday’s workings can realistically focus on both issues and chanting Laguz, a rune from the Elder Futhark can help immensely when allowing annoying comments from others to pass on by unnoticed. In other words, some meditation or trancework on Sunday may also be in order unless your guests have already arrived. Algarf Almuehar, the 27th Mansion of the Moon may increase healing, but it also causes mischief, so waiting for Arrexhe, the 28th Mansion, may be in order given its positive influence over relationships. Utilize the energetic space provided by the Yod during meditation or trancework to consider the direction of existing relationships. Are they on a spiritual path or one driven by ego?

The interplay between the signs Gemini and Capricorn provide an interesting dichotomy: Air versus Earth, our intellectual side versus our practical nature. In a complicated expression, it can indicate a lack of focus versus too much focus, so flighty Gemini can irritate focused Capricorn. That said, maintaining healthy boundaries may be in order during the holiday if spending time with others. If emotions become difficult to manage, take time out, or take cover. Either way, protect your feelings.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings!

Originally published at https://www.imsteppingaside.com on May 26, 2019.



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