Our Unified Self ~ A Runecasting for 4 March 2017

Jan Erickson
4 min readMar 3, 2017

Life in form is the journey we take in remembrance of our unified Self. Like the tarot, runes illustrate that progression through life. I view both as archetypes and a reminder of who we are. Even though we appear separate from each other, I believe that each one of us is the Creator personified; therefore, we are in truth one with each other.

Prior to drawing any runes, I may pose a question or simply allow the runes to tell me what I need to know. Today I brought my awareness into alignment and allowed the runes to guide the divination. I drew Dagaz, Algiz, and Othala from my bag. Traditionally, Othala is placed at the end of the Elder Futhark, but some runecasters believe Dagaz should occupy that position. I happen to belong to the second group but now I wonder if its placement is correct after all. Either way, the overall numerology is the same. 15, 23 and 24 are the individual numerologies with 8 its overall influence. Turned on its side, we have the symbol for infinity so eight is a powerful number. It’s Saturnian, therefore earthy, practical and structured and also reflects manifestation.

Dagaz is either the twenty-third or twenty-fourth rune of the Elder Futhark depending upon the runecaster’s persuasion. The end of one phase and the beginning of another is probably why some of us prefer to put it at the end, but when I discuss Othala the reason for the different viewpoints might become obvious.

A Water element rune, Dagaz is the rune of the present moment. One phase is ending and a new one is beginning. We stand in the middle as change flows around and through us. We are awakened, enlightened and know fully who we are as expressions of Source Energy. We experience synchronicity with this rune and it expresses our perfection. Dagaz is an expression of total light and clarity. Our experiences have led us to the moment of complete awareness when Dagaz appears in a runecasting.

Algiz is the guardian rune of higher consciousness and establishes the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. It protects us from harmful forces and represents the influences of Air, Fire, and Water. Friendship and partnerships are strengthed with Algiz and it assists us in aligning in Source Presence.

Our unified Self is signified by Othala, the rune of sacred space. Our Akash or our ancestral inheritance is of influence when this rune is drawn. If left in the final position of the Elder Futhark, Othala expresses our remembrance of our true Self as one with the Creator and as such with all. Does that remembrance arise from the enlightenment experienced with Dagaz or is it that awareness of a unified Self that brings our enlightenment and awakening? At this point, I’m inclined to leave Othala in the final position as the result of enlightenment and awakening.

Dagaz expresses our infinite presence while Algiz links as above, so below aspects of Self. As our journey to enlightenment moves forward Othala establishes our unified Self. We may appear to take this journey separately but that’s an illusion we agreed to when having this experience. In truth, we are all one.

It’s difficult to remember that truth now, with all the chaos and uncertainty we’re collectively experiencing. We’ve agreed to this, some providing the catalyst for the growth of others. It’s not easy to remember when anger and fear dominate our conversation that we can accomplish much if we would only arise in unity.

The unified Self bindrune below combines the vibrational influence of the three runes along with the symbol of Awen. Draw it on any surface to send blessings of unity and love. Used in ritual it can be held while chanting words that invoke the unified Self. It can also be carried or worn as a talisman for the same purpose.

The runes that appeared did so to remind us of who we are, that we belong to each other because as the Creator personified, we are each other. As weird as that sounds, if you think about it, it’s true. And we cannot lose sight of this truth even as the chaos of the so-called new guy threatens to destroy the country. Our collective unified Self will survive this man-child even if it doesn’t seem so right now.

Dark forces cannot overshadow the enlightenment assured by Dagaz. No matter what our problems have been in the past they will never be solved by blowing up the country. The only way forward is together. We are now and forever will be one family. And it’s time the so-called new guy learned this truth.

~ Blessings to all!

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on March 3, 2017.



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