Now What? Women. That’s what.

After hearing the latest report about the FBI opening a counterintelligence investigation on Donald, I wondered out loud, now what? And then there was the subsequent report that he confiscated the notes taken at his meeting with Putin and no one still knows what was discussed. And he expects everyone to accept that there’s nothing untoward about any of it.

So, of course, I decided to look at the cards to see what they had to say and I got out my Haindl deck, shuffled, and drew six cards. I laid them out in a 3, 2, 1 spread and then began looking over what I had drawn. Typically, I view the upper three-card spread as general influences, with the center two cards as projective and receptive influences, followed by the single card as an outcome. But today, I felt there was a progression upward, so I’ll begin with The Magician and interpret the reading from a manifestation perspective.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are depicted in the foreground by a sword piercing a boulder in balanced energy exchange with a spear (wand) piercing a golden chalice. The Magician’s tools are at his disposal to create his world anew. We see two faces on this card, past and future, along with two sets of eyes observing his process. And if we look closely, another figure emerges in the lower left-hand corner, feral and ancient. Continuing the duality inherent in the card are the presence of the sun and crescent moon above divided by the passage of time. Crystals almost seem to grow from The Magician’s right eye signifying clarity and vision. With its one numerology, and the rune Fehu depicted in the upper right hand corner, this card from the Major Arcana begins the process of manifestation in our lives. So, what will he do with that?

Algiz in the upper right-hand corner informs the true purpose and process of The Tower, card 16 of the Major Arcana. Another soul archetype card, the presence of the rune, Algiz, describes a spiritual transformation of self. We see the tower explode sending debris into the air. Unlike other tarot decks, Haindl appears to suggest that the transformation is from within. Other decks show a lightning bolt striking the tower, awareness achieved from an external source. But as we’re the Creator in form, there is nothing outside of the Self, so all transformation truly comes from the alchemical choice within Spirit. Perhaps, instead of focusing into form, we emerge outward from a still point into existence. The influence of Mars is felt with its fiery passion influencing the choice to transform.

At the center of the Magician’s transformation is Happiness found in the 6 of Cups. Cups represents our emotional presence and clearly, we’ve been through something difficult and we need to be happy again. Haindl depicts the suit of pentacles with boulders and continues to use them in other suits as well to depict ancientness, strength, and foundation. What I think he’s trying to say with this card is that in happiness we find our greatest strength and foundation. Four golden chalices are in line on the card’s left side with two surrounding a large bubble on the right with a single golden star above. Haindl uses bubbles in this deck to depict purity and hope, with the star of peace lighting our path. Hexagrams appear on the Minor Arcana cards and this one depicts hexagram, or gua, 58 or The Joyous, suggesting we begin our new manifestation with joy and happiness as its focus. This is not something we’re waiting for, but the intention we cast to be happy.

Haindl changes the deck’s Court a bit from a royal perspective to one that is represented by cultural influences, although as we see with the depiction of Isis, a royal feeling still exists. With Hathor looking on, Isis replaces the Princess of Swords as a dynamic, intelligent influence, full of youth and vitality. She sees the future with clarity and she’s eager to progress forward. We see the throne atop her head as both the sun and the crescent moon shine above.

Continuing on with Haindl’s reimagining the Court, we have the Mother of Wands in the East replacing the Queen of Wands. And before we look at this card, I wanted to point out another difference with this deck concerning where we correspond Wands and Swords. Some witches correspond Wands with the South (I’m one such witch) while others correspond it to the East and vice versa with Swords. I have a feeling that’s how Haindl saw it because he places the Princess to the South and the Queen to the South. But since I’m in the half that looks at Wands and Fire as a southern energy, I’m going to ignore the East reference and interpret it the way I always do. Haindl also uses a different Futhark than I’m accustomed to so at least I don’t have to contend with any of that on the Court cards.

But here we have Kali as the Queen of Wands, in coitus with Shiva who is apparently dead. Although she may also be giving birth to him with the presence of the coiled serpent around his emerging head in an orphic egg fashion. Considered the destroyer of evil, Kali clearly establishes her authority as the Queen of Wands and as the Mother of the Universe as she prioritizes new endeavors and directions. The energy of creation is felt with this Queen as she provides the passion and impetus for positive change.

The final card of the reading is the 3 of Wands, titled Virtue. Again, Haindl utilizes the ancient feel of caves and rock structures as a foundational influence, but what he does with this card is different than in other decks. Instead of a scene where a man of means is looking out over an expanse of sorts, we see three fiery-tipped spears (wands) crossed in front of a stone archway or window. Crude steps appear to allow the observer a path to new experiences, however, our presence is not yet allowed. As with magickal workings, perhaps the energy isn’t formed enough, isn’t balanced enough to break through to a successful outcome. Or perhaps it’s merely reminding us of that truth.

But we find the real focus of the card contained in the hexagram in the upper right-hand corner. Known as The Cauldron, this gua reminds us of the value of community and traditional values, everything from leadership to those who migrate into the tribe, the 3 of Wands is about protecting the tribe, protecting the family, and protecting shared values as a fundamental basis for happiness and success.

Apparently, it will be the women of our tribe who will carry us forward during the difficult days ahead while the truth is still being determined. Currently, millions are affected by a man who cannot seem to see beyond his own needs or the needs of other dictators. His attempts to destroy the tribe have been seen at every turn, yet some still chose to live within the delusion that he’ll protect them in his attempts to reshape our country and the world in the image of greedy, authoritarian dictators he so dearly loves.

The overall numerology of the reading is eight, or leadership skills and harmony. The Magician as Mother will remind us of who we are, and of who we are to each other. She will return the Goddess to our lives, replacing fear and mistrust with love and unity. She is Isis as she resurrects our fundamental truth, and Kali as she destroys that which divides. She is Lady Justice and with her guidance, we know the path forward and it is our light that will shine forth.

Friends, it’s almost over and the way will forward will become clear.

Blessed Be

Originally published at on January 15, 2019.



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