No One Is Safe In Trump’s Alternate Universe, Particularly Our Children ~ Tarot for 16 March 2018

Jan Erickson
5 min readMar 16, 2018

I was thinking this morning before shuffling my Thoth deck that we really are living in an alternate universe, one where children are made to choose between detention and physical assault for walking out in protest over their very lives. Then I thought, hit me. Please. Let me take the punishment. Not that I would allow anyone to hit me, by the way. Black belt and all. But I would give anyone who tried the best that I have and it would be a cold day in hell before they’d try it again.

Assault is assault. We can call it corporal punishment, but that’s just a more acceptable description of the assault of a child. It’s like the term, domestic violence when it’s actually the assault and/or attempted murder of your partner. You see, there are laws against assaulting someone, unless that someone is your partner or a child. Then, we dance around the subject and find a way to blame the victim.

All the kids want is to be heard. For their lives to matter to adults who can actually make a difference. For there to be the willingness to enact solutions that so many of see are there. In other words, DO SOMETHING. Instead, they receive threats of bodily harm or detention for expressing their views. The school principal who thought it was a good idea to threaten graduating students’ college admission found that the choice to walk out and the ridiculous consequences would make a terrific admission’s essay. You see, colleges are looking for people like this. People who think for themselves and try to make life better.

The walkouts could have been an incredible civics lesson. School officials and staff could have all walked with the students, irrespective of their own beliefs, sending the message that student voices and needs matter. That THEIR VERY LIVES MATTER. Perhaps some did just that.

Change is the overall theme of today’s tarot reading with an overall numerology of five. Disks and Cups along with a card from the Major Arcana comprise today’s cards with Water’s emotions dominating over Earth. Elemental Earth influences our physical presence and it may be telling us that our greatest foundation is built from the heart. Let our hearts guide us to the truth.

Beginning with The Star, one of the most beautiful cards from the Thoth deck, the goddess pours blessings from heaven, nourishing the earth below. Spirals everywhere reflecting the unfolding universe, a large globe depicts creation, its serpent energy clearly visible around its edges. As she pours blessings from above, they crystallize into form below, an as above so below expression of life. She is nude, symbolizing purity and grace. When this card appears, we wish upon a star. The Star indicates optimism, healing, and hope, and our dreams becoming reality.

Each card from the Thoth deck is filled with symbolic imagery. In the case of the 6 of Disks, a version of the Hermetic Rose Cross is placed in the center. The Cross itself can be used to create sigils and I’ve included a rudimentary drawing of the Cross from my Grimoire as an example. Emphasis on rudimentary. Crowley titles this card, Success, and it reflects the Moon in Taurus giving us our blend of emotions with our more practical side. A stylized Merkaba, six globes contain six astrological glyphs suggesting the planetary forces which affect our material success. Six, itself, represents the Higher or sacred layer of Self suggesting a more spiritual foundation for our material side. Harmony along with a fair distribution of wealth are among traditional interpretations of this card of Elemental Earth.

When I first acquired the Thoth deck, it was in its smallest form. Finally, I purchased the larger cards which I’m using in today’s reading. Trust me. If you have the opportunity to purchase a larger deck, do it. Don’t waste money on the smaller cards unless your hands simply cannot shuffle them. When my RA was active, I couldn’t shuffle the larger cards. My DruidCraft deck, which I love, sat on the shelf until cannabis put me into clinical remission. Now, I have no problem shuffling the larger sized decks.

The Princess of Cups is surrounded by creatures from the sea as she holds out a tortoise riding atop a shell. Her flowing pale lavender gown is adorned by geometrical shapes. Imagination and inspiration is her message, her grace and intuition suggesting empathic awareness. The Court cards in any deck can be interpreted as the individual represented or their qualities and this card can suggest a message is coming, or perhaps the birth of a child.

If we allow our heart to lead, solutions are simple. It’s not okay to kill our children. We should be moving heaven and earth to make them as safe as they can possibly be. We shouldn’t be punishing them for doing what adults don’t seem to have the integrity or gumption to do. And it’s a sad reflection of our distorted values that a bill was introduced in Congress to protect animals on airplanes within days of a tragedy but they cannot seem to do the same for our children. Their re-election is more important.

We live in a country where the possession of assault weapons is valued over the safety of our kids.

Let that sink in.

Blessed Be

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