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I just posted the geomancy reading for the month and now I’ve drawn this month’s cards and I’m ready to do November’s tarot reading. I’m going to use the Wildwood Tarot deck today because it’s beautiful and I love it. So there. The geomancy reading took an election focus so let’s see what the tarot cards are going to say. Overall, the numerology of the reading is eight or strength and balanced power but I’ll be looking at each week’s numerology as well. Earth and Water dominate, so our foundation and emotions will influence followed by Air and our intellect with Fire and will a lesser influence. Given the issues in the midterm election in a few days, it makes sense that our emotions are running high right now with foundational issues of who we are at the heart of the upcoming vote.

Beginning with week one, The Green Man serves as the overall influence with the 2 of Stones as the challenge and The Journey serving as the supportive influence for the week. Two cards from the Major Arcana present in the reading indicate that Higher Self is attempting to be of influence this week. We could use a Higher perspective as we vote on November 6th. As the fourth card from the Major Arcana, we’re dealing with foundation and structure and the Green Man creates such in his cauldron of plenty. He represents the masculine side of polarity and nature and is the guardian of the land. He is the Great Father in balance with the Great Mother or Green Woman moving us into new levels of creative expression and flow.

Two female hares challenge one another in the Two of Stones (Pentacles) as they rise up in a dance over breeding territory and dominance. In a sense, that’s what we’re experiencing now but between patriarchal attitudes and beliefs and more progressive feminine realities. This challenge has gone on for thousands of years, much of the time under the surface. But now, women are rising up and speaking truth to power that should have never existed in its present form. It’s been too destructive and it’s time for balance to return to our society.

If we see this as energy flow and not as male or female, we see that too much Fire energy or will has dominated over compassion and benevolence. We’re at the point where we’re locking immigrant children in cages away from their parents at the border as they ask for asylum. The president has drawn a parallel between rocks thrown and bullets fired, suggesting that soldiers will shoot if that happens. Except that our military cannot be used for this purpose. They cannot fire on these people even if rocks are thrown and must, if given this illegal order, refuse to comply. It’s required of them, you see, to not follow an illegal order or face prosecution. The president apparently doesn’t know any of this.

An interesting card, The Journey (aka Death) is represented by a raven pulling the last of the flesh off of a reindeer skull while others fly above in the moonlight. Death comes for everyone and the change it brings should be held in reverence for the place it holds in our lives. Whether it’s the death of an individual or the letting go of what no longer serves, death is part of the journey we take through physical form. If we allow the journey to unfold without too much resistance, then we release any fear we might have over the outcome.

In summary, we’re experiencing a change in flow this week with a concern over our fundamental structure, foundation, and the balance that has existed in our lives. It appears that a better balance is both necessary and desired. Our challenge is in creating a more equitable balance, letting go of patriarchal and misogynous attitudes which have kept us from progressing as we should. The election next Tuesday is a pivot point where change can take hold.

There is also an interesting numerology for the week. If you look at the picture above, we have 4, 2, and 13. Now, 13 reduces to 4 revealing a 4, 2, 4 pattern. 4 reflects stability and practicality while 2 depicts polarity suggesting that our polarity needs some reigning in.

Court cards. You either love them or hate them. Or you wade through them like the muddy wraiths they truly are. At least this deck makes them interesting and meaningful. My comments exclude the Queens in any deck, particularly Crowley’s Queen of Swords in the Thoth deck, possibly the most accurate card ever drawn in the history of Tarot (thank you to Lady Frieda Harris for that prescient depiction).

In week two, the Wildwood deck depicts the Queen of Stones as a great mother bear. She stands tall in the entrance of a cave, fierce i . defense of her home. She is the Earth mother, dependable and practical, protective and nurturing. She places family before self, focusing her attention on creative endeavors that serve her family or the greater community at large. The Queen of Stones is loyal to family and friends but will give quiet counsel that is honest and trustworthy.

The energy of youth is represented in the Knight of Stones. Here he is depicted by a young stallion, energetic yet responsible. He is helpful to all in need and acts with integrity. He makes steady progress in everything he does, exhibiting the patience necessary to see a project through to its final outcome. In the position of what challenges us, the Knight of Stones reminds us to remain focused on the task at hand.

The Five of Vessels ends week two in the position of what supports us. Titled Ecstasy, we see a woman dancing under a night sky filled with stars, eyes closed, fully caught up in the passion of the moment. She dances in the center of a pentagram illuminated by five lighted vessels at each tip. Five denotes change and the Five of Vessels appears to suggest a change in consciousness. We’ve already established a need for such in week one with the recognition of destructive toxic polarity that has plagued our society for so long. Traditional interpretations of this card are somewhat negative suggesting lost opportunity, grief, or disappointment. The Wildwood Tarot takes a different stance suggesting an opportunity for spiritual awakening, allowing the simplicity of alignment in Spirit to replace the excesses of ego.

In summary, we may be seeing a shift in thought process this week with an increased sense of focus and vitality influencing. Additionally, we’re continuing to let go of what no longer serves while reveling in present moment awareness. As we don’t include court cards in our numerology, the overall numerology is 5 or change. Perhaps we have something to dance about!

Week three begins with the Six of Arrows and Transition. I love this rendition of the traditional Six of Swords. We see a swan-shaped boat carrying a single-cloaked figure. The wind pushes fully into the yellowish sail, painted arrows pointing inward suggesting cycles or the turning of the Wheel. The individual leaves the sun behind as the boat sails into the unknown, his future uncertain, yet possible as the full moon lights his journey.

We have the support of friends and community in the Eight of Bows (Wands), titled Hearthfire. Four bows are held high above the flames as the women dance in celebration. Abundance, harmony, and a feeling of uncontained spirit are interpretations we can draw from the Eight of Bows. Their baskets are full, the result of their shared collective will evident in the harvest before them. The challenge is to take that time and actually celebrate. For some of us, that’s a difficult task, to let go and allow for some downtime. But this is a week to recognize what you’ve accomplished and play.

Dedication to Spirit is the message of the Nine of Arrows. She holds her bow in one hand while gently balancing her arrow on its string. Traditional decks depict despair and nightmarish worry along with negative self-talk. But this deck takes a different approach, suggesting a refusal to even look at illusion or to engage in self-deception. In this rendition of the 9 of Swords, the woman is an adept, focused on her craft irrespective of what is happening around her, a wonderful card in the position of what supports us this week.

To sum up, we move into the unknown, pressing on with an inner purpose that reflects dedication but also allows for unity with others. The numerology reflects the same: responsibility and pragmatism, as well as harmony with others.

The Aces in any deck are cool. It really doesn’t matter which deck you look at, I guarantee that the Aces will be incredible. They’re said to contain the essence of each suit and I love when they appear in a reading. The Ace of Vessels (Cups) begins week four with water pouring from a rock cauldron atop what appears to be three rock pillars into a pool of water below, resembling some sort of dolmen into the unknown. A swan and a deer drink from The Waters of Life while a crescent-shaped golden boat floats on its surface. All seems in balance in the scene, nourishment available to all. The Ace of Vessels depicts joy and abundance along with the beginnings of our emotional presence in physical form. Although all elemental energies are involved in our focus into physical form, I believe it begins with love. All That Is chose to consider life in tangible form, a multiverse of experiences in which to learn and play. It was a choice based on love and when I see the Ace of Vessels, it’s as if we’re looking at that loving Eternal Presence pouring into creation.

In the position of what challenges us this week is The Pole Star, otherwise known as The Star in traditional decks. I think this is my favorite expression of this card and I would love to walk through that ancient forest while the stars illuminated my path. The Pole Star represents Higher Self influences which illuminate our Spirit and guide our path in life. The energy of the Pole Star draws us forward into the unknown, secure in the knowledge that it will never lead us astray.

The Six of Vessels appears to express the passage of time as the initial cauldron in the Ace of Vessels has grown into a dwelling of sorts, or perhaps a portal, with the Waters of Life continuing to pour forth from its opening. We see two otters at the pool’s edge while six crystalline bowls float on the water. Trees have grown from the top of the mound while ferns and arrowheads grow throughout the scene. We grow in emotional maturity over time, at least we hope that we do. When I look at the Six in relation to the Ace, it feels like growth from balanced intention. As if we see the effect of experience on the land. Titled, Reunion, the Six of Vessels suggests past endeavors creating something far more than expected as if we’ve come home, joyful and welcome.

In summary, week four seems to have us back on track and feeling emotionally fulfilled.

November may begin with a challenge, but by the end of the month, we should be more settled and on the way to something better. Even if things don’t turn out as we might like. The Nine of Arrows is really the card to reflect on this month. It’s the ability to continue on with a higher focus, looking dispassionately at the chaos if we look at all, continuing to work to express Spirit in all that we do, that sets humanity apart. We can accomplish anything from that perspective, aligned in Self, and aligned in the collective unified presence of All That Is.

So, how about we do that?

Hang in there. We’ll get through this and then stuff ourselves with turkey. Apparently, a poll was taken and Democrats report drinking and emotional eating to cope with the last couple of years. I, on the other hand, crochet. Seven hats, one poncho, and another poncho currently in process. Thank the Goddess we have vote-by-mail. I mailed in my ballot roughly a week ago. And now I’m crocheting like a madwoman.

Blessings! And PLEASE vote!

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