Monthly Tarot for March 2018

It’s time once again for monthly tarot! We’re finally getting some snow on the ground on the High Desert and though the sun may be out, the wind is blowing so I think I’ll spend this time writing. I like to look at the correspondences of any divination I do whether it’s tarot or runes so I’ll begin there so we can see how those influences break down over the next month. And as always, I’m using a three-card spread for each week with the overall influence first, what challenges us second, and what supports us in the third position.

Card Breakdown

  • The Moon: Major, Water, West, Emotions, 18/9 numerology
  • 2 of Pentacles: Minor, Earth, North, Pentacles, Physical/Material, 2
  • Judgment: Major, Fire, South, Will, 20/2
  • Majors (2), Water/Earth/Fire, Emotions/Physical/Will, overall numerology: 4
  • Justice: Major, Air, East, Intellect, 11 (Master Number)
  • Queen of Rods: Court, Fire, South, Wands, Will, none
  • 8 of Swords: Minor, Air, East, Swords, Intellect, 8
  • Majors (1), Air(2)/Fire, Intellect/Will, overall numerology: 11 and 8
  • Queen of Cups: Court, Water, West, Cups, Emotions, none
  • 10 of Swords: Minor, Air, East, Swords, Intellect, 10/1
  • Page of Pentacles: Court, Earth, North, Physical/Material, none
  • Majors (0), Water/Air/Earth, Emotions/Intellect/Physical, overall numerology: 1
  • 6 of Rods: Minor, Fire, South, Wands, Will, 6
  • 10 of Cups: Minor, Water, West, Cups, Emotions, 10/1
  • The Hierophant: Major, Earth, North, Macrocosm/Microcosm, 5
  • Majors (1), Fire/Water/Earth, Will/Emotions/Spirit, overall numerology: 3
  • Majors (4), Court (3), Minors (5), Air (3), Fire (3), Water (3), Earth (3), overall numerology: 7 and 11

Week 1

We begin the month in mystery with the overall influence of The Moon. Two dogs bay at the Moon as she rises between two towers in the distance while a path winds lazily toward the water’s edge. A lobster emerges from the calm pool symbolizing rebirth and regeneration. Balance, intuition and inner awareness, and cycles are traditional interpretations of The Moon. Its numerology suggests completion and humanitarianism.

The 2 of Pentacles depicts a man with his back turned to the water, a sailboat visible in the distance in the position of what challenges us. He weighs his options as he holds two pentacles in his hands, connected in a gear-like manner. The man looks to the past in reflection as he listens to an inner voice. Duality or polarity are felt here. Will his choice support self or others?

A second card from the Major Arcana this week in the position of support, Judgment sounds the horn of triumph! Father, Mother, and Child, also representing the triple aspect of self, are reaching their journey’s end, the cycle of life complete. Awakening and transformation are now at hand.

As always, Major cards represent soul archetypes and whenever they appear in a reading, we need to pay attention, particularly if there is more than one present. And if we weren’t Judgment reminds us to do so. Our will, emotions, and material presence are in balance this week. We may want to be mindful of our thoughts, however, given that the influence of Air is missing. I’ve found that sometimes what’s missing can give insight as to the direction of a reading. In other words, our will, emotions, and physical presence may provide a supportive foundation for the expression of our intellect. The overall numerology of four may also support that idea. Otherwise, four invokes the Goddess presence of Gaia into our awareness.

We are Spirit manifested into form, the Creator seeking to know more. This week resonates with the primary focus for the year, awakening to our Self as the Creator. During this first week of March, we may want to take an inner focus and allow the Higher Self to inform our choices.

Week 2

The scales of Justice begin week two reinforcing the Goddess presence within. As the Queen holds a sword in her right hand and scales in her left, she balances strength with wisdom, justice with equality. She is unbiased in her thinking, her reasoning balanced and decisive. Justice allows us to stand in our power, with courage and conviction.

The Morgan-Greer Tarot is so colorful and on this snowy day of Ostara, I thought it was apropos. I’ll be burying an egg outside later in a ritual for fertility and growth. But here, the Queen of Rods (Wands in other decks) stands vibrant and resolute, holding a large sunflower on her left side, and a staff in her right, the golden colors expressing her energetic will. She is generous and talented, charming and successful. Court cards can indicate the individuals depicted or their qualities. In this case, the presence of the Queen in the position of what challenges us appears to reinforce the message of Justice and balancing strength with our will.

The 8 of Swords typically suggests that we’re bound by our own thought process, but in the position of what supports us, it may also be reminding us to assume an inner focus and to ignore the chaos or obstruction around us.

Our convictions may be tested this week. The challenge may be to ignore the negative voices around us and seek inner guidance to avoid indecision. With Air dominating Fire, we can use our reason to overshadow willful impulses that can derail our efforts this week. The presence of the Master number eleven or illumination supports going within to inform the eight, our more practical energetic influence. I can reduce both to a final numerology of nine, or completion, but viewing them separately adds a soul dimension to the meaning so I’ll leave it there.

Week 3

Another Queen begins the third week of March. The Queen of Cups faces the past holding a golden chalice in her hands, her power of reflection connecting her to the past. She is a natural witch and empath, her intuition informing her of all she needs to know. She observes and casts loving intention on all she encounters, setting boundaries with those in her care. A healer, the Queen of Cups draws strength and healing from the natural world, her connection to Gaia profound.

The suit of Swords can be so violent. Ten swords pierce the bloodied body of a man lying dead on the ground. In the position of what challenges us this week, we’ve gone as far as we can with the 10 of Swords. Either our enemies have destroyed us or we’ve done this to ourselves. And typically, it’s the latter. There may be chaos around us now and we should resist the impulse to join the party so to speak. Conversely, if we’re doing this to ourselves, then we need to acknowledge our reason has run amok and know that this too shall pass (thanks, Mom), the end of illusion has finally arrived and a new day is dawning.

The man from the 2 of Pentacles appears again as the Page of Pentacles his visage this time, like the Queen’s, turned fully toward the past. Only half of one pentacle is visible perhaps illustrating his generous nature. The Page is reliable and dependable, conscientious and studious and in the position of support this week, he’s suggesting that we should emulate his spiritual focus.

During this third week of March, we may want to spend time in reflection to let go of thoughts, perceptions, or beliefs which no longer serve. And with an overall numerology of one for the week, a focus on new beginnings may be in order.

Week 4

The King returns victorious from the battlefield on his noble white steed. The 6 of Rods (Wands) depicts a green wreath hanging over the staff held by his right hand, perhaps thrown by the crowd in celebration of his success. The staffs surround him in balance suggesting the support of comrades and friends. Six represents the sacred layer of self and in this case, the sacred layer of the All manifested in form.

A rainbow fills the golden chalice held by a couple in celebration while nine more cups cascade downward in balanced exchange. The 10 of Cups depicts contentment and joy. Our desire has been fulfilled. The challenge here is to not allow complacency to take hold and to continue to engage with others in a loving and respectful manner.

Representing divine wisdom and the mastery of Self, The Hierophant embodies the spiritual triplicity of knowledge, structure, and tradition. He stands in the in-between aligning the microcosm with the macrocosm. The enlightened Teacher, he represents the Holy Guardian Angel offering knowledge once kept hidden. Again, the presence of The Hierophant counsels a reliance on our inner voice, on guidance from our Higher Self, is where we’ll find our support this week.

This week brings a focus on unity consciousness and the wisdom found therein. All are the Creator and when our lives are lived in harmony with each other our experiences reflect that truth. An overall numerology of three reinforces this triplicity, unity with others, and unity within.


The overall numerology for March is both 7 and 11. I don’t like to reduce Master numbers, but I did it would be nine or completion. Eleven is the Master number for illumination, a state to which we must all return while seven can represent the scales or the inner balance or polarity we create in form. We choose between service to self and service to others prior to incarnating. An overall numerology of seven can represent that choice, or it could also represent the balance between the masculine and feminine, or projective and receptive energies within each one of us.

Of late, what’s called toxic masculinity has become the loudest voice in the room and disrespect of others has become the norm. Lies have replaced truth while reason is replaced with self-absorbed madness. And as with the yearly Tarot reading, this reading supports the idea of increased spiritual awareness leading to unity consciousness as the solution to the conflict we now experience.

Alignment in Higher Self awareness allows us to extend love, light, and unity to all we encounter, irrespective of their own engagement. Whether the experience is negative or positive, it doesn’t matter because our alignment allows us to see all as the other side of self and simply love them for the Creator they in truth are. So, to everyone this month…

Blessings of love and light to all!

Originally published at on March 2, 2018.



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Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…