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Apologies for the delay in posting June’s monthly tarot reading. We’ve been taking care of last-minute planting and watching the hive for swarm behavior. It would be great to catch a swarm or two this season. Today, I’m using the Haindl Tarot deck to give as much information as possible for the month. Haindl includes Hebrew glyphs along with runes and hexagrams or guas from the I Ching. All suits are represented; therefore, so are all Elemental energies. Four cards are present from the Major Arcana, with two from the Court cards. Cups dominate with three cards followed by two each from Stones (Pentacles) and Wands with only one from the suit of Swords present in today’s reading. The overall numerology for the month is 9 or completion, but the first week’s numerology is the master number eleven, or illumination and the subconscious realm, so I’ll be looking at the numerology for each week as well.

Week One

Haindl’s interpretation of The Universe is amazing. The serpent breathes fire into creation while planets hang suspended, bound by the fabric of space/time. A card from the Major Arcana, its numerology is three, or triple aspects, unification, and wholeness. It represents our journey’s end and the sum total of our experiences in form. In a sense, ours is a journey back to wholeness or remembrance of the totality of Self. Haindl includes Gebo, the rune of balanced energy exchange, up on the top right corner suggesting as above, so below, or a balanced blending of our nonphysical aspect of Self with our physical form.

The second card in today’s reading from the Major Arcana, The Aeon in the position of challenge suggests that the unknown may be a factor this week. We see an eye peering out from dark clouds resembling a birth canal, raindrops evident while an erupting volcano spews lava below. A fetus appears in its stormy center, head down, in the birth position, representing transformation and rebirth. Perthro appears above on the top right of the card, the rune of Wyrd or fate and the unknown.

Success is the title of the 6 of Stones representing what supports us this week. Six boulders hang in balance depicting harmony and fair distribution. Its hexagram is titled, Abundance, however, it’s not material abundance but that of Spirit. Six represents the Holy Spirit layer of Self and with an overall numerology of eleven, soul issues are in play this week. We may be experiencing a spiritual rebirth of some type this week, perhaps bringing a better sense of balance to our life.

Week Two

We begin week two with the 5 of Stones, titled Material Difficulty. But again, its hexagram indicates an intolerance of diversity, illustrating how intolerance of others can affect our material success. We see it when workers aren’t valued as much as the owner of the company instead of understanding just who it is that creates the owner’s wealth in the first place. Five boulders of varying size float in mid-air without any balance or structure evident describing the difficulty experienced when we cannot work in unity with others. Five represents change which this card suggests is necessary for any progress to be made.

Haindl takes a different focus with his Court cards using cultural icons and deities to represent the Pages/Princesses, Knights/Princes, Queens, and Kings. For the Princess of Cups, he uses Brigid of Ireland as the Daughter of Cups in the North. Six standing stones, three on either side of a small creek, stand tall while a mound appears in the background, a rudimentary opening visible. Brigid was a Celtic Goddess, eventually given sainthood by the Catholic Church as was typical as paganism gave way to Christianity. I’m assuming Haindl chose her for this card because she never married, giving herself instead to the Church. Like the Princess of Cups, Brigid was practical and studious, and as savvy as they came and she would become venerated as one of Ireland’s most cherished patron saints. In the position of what challenges us this week, the Princess of Cups asks us to make productive use of our undeveloped potential.

The Ace of Cups swirls with emotional resonance. Joy, abundance, and free-flowing love are depicted by this card. Aces are the beginning of the elemental energies of each suit. In fact, they’re thought to contain all of the elements of the suit to which they belong. In the position of what supports us this week, joy will flow effortlessly for us this week as intolerance gives way to love and harmony with others.

Week Three

Week three begins with Odin hanging upside down from the World Tree to gain illumination and enlightenment. The Hanged Man depicts alignment with Source Presence and surrender. Odin unites the triple aspects of consciousness and when this card appears we experience a deepening of experience through wisdom gained and the releasing of preconceived notions. A change in thinking is in order this week with Spirit informing ego supported by Tiwaz, the rune of the god, Tyr representing the spiritual warrior within.

Haindl depicts the Queen of Wands as Kali, consort to Shiva, representing the darkness from which form emerges. She is creation energy, both empowering and destructive and in the position of what challenges us this week, it may be that our destructive side may influence. The challenge may be to be mindful of what we create and to not allow our more fiery nature to overshadow generosity or affection for others.

The 6 of Cups is positioned in what supports us this week and its title, Happiness, tells us that our week can be filled with hope and joy. A bubble indicating purity and hope appears between two of the six golden chalices while a small star appears above. Balance and fulfillment are traditional influences but with The Hanged Man as significator for the week, that balance is found in alignment with our Source Presence. This is reinforced further by the 58th hexagram titled, The Joyous suggesting that the desire for a more successful life leads to a sense of security and joy.

Week Four

I decide is what I’ve always taken from the 2 of Wands. Two flamed-tipped spears are crossed in front of an ancient stone temple. Balanced energy or intention, will, and focus are among traditional interpretations of this card of Dominion. Beyond the crossed spears lies a doorway, a passage to new experiences and endeavors as we stand in our own power this week.

The High Priestess in this deck is stunning. She stands behind a large bubble with a camel below, her hands raised in supplication. With a crescent moon adorning her head, her eyes are open as she experiences clear sight. She is the Feminine Divine, the wise counselor, and the gateway to the unconscious realm. She is the Triple Goddess whose inner wisdom, depth and compassion flow unabated. In the position of what challenges us, The High Priestess counsels us to listen to our inner voice and our dreams.

Our journey is one of remembrance of Self. The 6 of Swords depicts four swords pointing upward to Spirit and two pointing downward into form emphasizing the importance of our Higher Self informing the ego. The hand of an ancient presence reaches forth to touch the tips of the swords of Spirit in a different take on this card. Here, we’re experiencing a Higher Self awareness, hidden guidance offered by the Higher Self, a directed form of higher intelligence, instead of the traditional journey over water.

So, it looks like June is going to be a positive month, full of opportunities for enlightenment and illumination. Issues of tolerance may come up for us in week two but choosing an inner focus may give us the clarity we need to move past destructive beliefs. Intolerance of others prevents our success, both materially and spiritually. We are one in the Creator. The more we work together with others, the more we accomplish.

Blessed Be

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