Monthly Tarot ~ February 2018

It’s time again for Monthly Tarot! Happy Imbolc to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere and Lughnasadh/Lammas to those in the South! January is over and February has begun! My husband and I spent part of the afternoon reclaiming a six hundred foot flower bed alongside our driveway. We got about halfway down the driveway and decided baby steps were preferable to doing it all in one day. Yes, we wimped out. But we’re old now. So it is what it is.

I decided to use my Morgan Greer Tarot deck for the monthly reading. I like alternative decks as well, but with the monthly reading, I like a more traditional deck. I went for colorful to stimulate Spring because other than some cold temperatures, Winter has never really set in on the High Desert this year.

Getting the housekeeping aspect of the divination out of the way, I’m using the standard initial card for the month with the next in the series representing what may challenge us and the last card representing what may support us during each week. There are three cards from the Major Arcana in the position of support for the last three weeks of the month which is significant, four Court cards, and all suits/Elements are represented. Although I’ll give the weekly numerology in each section, the overall numerology for the month is three or creativity and triple aspects.

And pay attention to the directionality of the Court cards regarding who’s looking to the past, present, or future.

You can see that directionality matters. It can suggest among other things a conversation or conflict or a meeting of the minds. Court cards are interesting like that because we don’t always know what to do with them when they appear in a reading. They can suggest the qualities of the individual represented on the card or whatever seems to be happening in the depiction. But I try to have them interact with the rest of the cards if possible because I think it makes them more interesting in a reading. Here it seems that the King looks to the past, the two Knights both look to the future while the final card shows balanced union. Whether this directionality is relevant remains to be seen. So let’s look at the cards!

Week 1 begins with the King of Rods (Wands in other decks) followed by the 4 of Pentacles in the challenge position and the 5 of Pentacles in the support position. Fire and Earth are influencing and the overall weekly numerology is nine or completion. Initially, we see the King look to the past as he holds his staff in his left hand wearing battle attire. The King is generous and passionate but can be cruel if ill-dignified. He is also the warrior who finds solutions by transcending the petty and doing what’s best for the whole. The past can be a prologue to the future or it can keep us focused on either what no longer serves or is even occurring.

There is a progression between what challenges and supports us, beginning with the 4 of Pentacles. Both are from the suit of Pentacles and there is a progression from 4 to 5, or structure and change, so lack of movement giving way to some sort of movement. With the 4, we see a royal, perhaps a Prince, sitting with his back against a stone wall. A crown adorns his head and his eyes are cast slightly to his right. He holds three large pentacles with one appearing above his head. He appears to be deep in thought over material issues, perhaps financial in nature. Clearly, he has wealth and security but seems to hang on to what he has. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps the challenge for this week is to allow for a different choice and to allow generosity to flow more in our lives.

In the position of what supports us is the 5 of Pentacles, odd given its sense of loss and sorrow. But it may be telling us that we have more support than we know if we only reach out to others. But clearly, the two individuals have experienced extreme difficulty but ultimately come together to find a solution.

We may find ourselves this week reflecting a bit on what’s already transpired in our lives with a focus on eliminating what doesn’t serve us in the long run. With the week’s overall numerology of nine or completion, we may be ready to say goodbye to the past and move on into a more positive future.

Week 2 begins with the Knight of Cups looking forward to the future. Again, in full battle dress, he holds a golden chalice, a pause in the day’s events. He is romantic and chivalrous, passionate and visionary. The Knight is on a quest, allowing his dreams to guide his journey. The 9 of Rods challenges him to stand in his own power understanding that through adversity strength is developed. His may be a journey of inner work, and the 9 may be suggesting turmoil within. In the position of support, however, the first Major Arcana card appears, The Tower signifying catalytic change for the better. Although fire has erupted from lightning striking its top and people are falling to the ground, The Tower is a positive card that tells us anything is possible. We’ve moved on from the past, and now we’re embarking upon a new journey, perhaps spiritual in nature.

The Knight of Swords begins Week 3 also looking toward the future. Fresh from the battlefield, blood still evident on his sword, the Knight seems pleased with his efforts, the possible cause of the tower burning in the distance. This feels again like a continuation from the week before as we’re now ready to explore new ideas and opportunities. The 10 of Rods cautions that we may still experience an inner struggle with our will and feel overwhelmed by that struggle, making it important to remember that we choose our thoughts and our decisions are our own. The Hermit provides support and solace as his light illuminates the darkness. The numerology of the week is one or new beginnings, reinforcing both the focus and flow of the month and like The Hermit the time we take for inner renewal assists us in that process.

After a look to past concerns and a new focus on the future, in Week 4 the 2 of Cups depicts a couple whose arms are locked in celebration each one holding a golden chalice. Balanced polarity, healing, and partnership are traditional interpretations of the 2 of Cups, a feeling of reciprocity to begin this final week of the month. The Queen of Pentacles is our fourth Court card in the spread and appears in the position of what challenges. Our Earthy Queen also looks to the future with grace and assuredness. She is intelligent and wise, her practical nature guiding her choices. The challenge may then be to not allow a feeling of security to create complacency on our new path. Finally, The High Priestess brings inner mystery to the last week of the month in the position of what supports us. From the Major Arcana, The High Priestess as card two, provides synchronicity with the 2 of Cups by supporting balanced polarity within. The Priestess defines the Divine Feminine within, intuitive and wise, the Triple Goddess, serving as the repository of the Moon’s secrets. With an overall numerology of four, this week reminds us that the eternal structure of the soul is based on unity and balance and not found in a continual struggle of will.

Well, it looks like we’ll be experiencing some decidedly masculine energy while finishing the month with Goddess presence. But that’s not necessarily a negative thing. In the first week, we settle in our minds the practical concerns we’ve recently experienced while in the second we summon the will to create necessary change in our lives. We check in during the third week with our inner self to validate our path and the fourth brings inner harmony. When I did the tarot reading for the year, it was clear that we’re making a choice this year to live a more soul-centered life over one that is materialistic and self-oriented. It looks like this month will provide the impetus to put that choice into play.

And in this world of memos and lies, some Goddess presence is welcome.


Originally published at on February 1, 2018.



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