Manifesting Our Power ~ Runecasting for 29 November 2017

I love oak trees. Sacred to Druids, pagans, and witches, I finally planted an oak tree last year over by my three weeping willows and so far it’s growing well. I found some acorns on our morning walk today and gathered some along with their “hats” which I may use as chime candle holders. I’ll spray them with urethane to give them a shiny appearance. They’ll bring oak energy into any candle spells I perform which invoke power, wisdom, healing.

Three runes of Elemental Water are present and have an overall numerology of three representing triple aspects, unity, and wholeness. Three brings the catalytic influence of Elemental Fire to the runecasting so I’ll be looking to see how Water and Fire influence things. I also placed three acorns from this morning’s walk next to the runes for additional energetic support.

begins the runecasting as the primal essence, the force behind the manifestation of form. As the rune of changes, increases strength and endurance and promotes physical health. It brings change that is sudden and quells self-doubt. When appears in a runecasting it asks us to look closely at how and what we manifest.

is versatile in magickal workings in that, among other things, it can be drawn on a surface of some kind to “seal” the working or to align energies together. It creates a bond between people along with balanced energy exchange. Considered the gift, promotes generosity and beneficial partnership.

represents the ebb and flow of our emotional presence. In meditation, I chant when dissolving thought channels. is also useful as a magickal net of sorts to draw in additional energy when it’s needed and can be chanted when drawing down the Moon. Its energy is cleansing and purifying and its intuitive aspect gives us access to the dream realm and assists in trance work.

As the Kybalion tells us, the universe is a mental creation. In other words, it’s a projection of the Mind of Source as are each one of us. From there, we slow our energetic vibration down enough to create our own reality, focusing into bodies to experience life that we each manifest. begins that process as our manifesting force. From there, balances and aligns energies in the creative process. Lastly, creates the emotional rhythm of our lives. Do we give away our power to others or do we bring in the power of the oak into our greater awareness of self, allowing its power to strengthen our own?

The numerology of the runecasting again is three and I think it’s clear how its catalytic nature influences our emotional presence. The strength of loving manifested intention fosters balanced energy exchange with others. That energetic alignment is purifying and cleansing and it establishes the natural ebb and flow of our interactions with the world at large.

Many of us have experienced a sense of powerlessness at one point or another in our lives. Our power may have been taken from us or we may have given it away without realizing, but whatever the circumstance, a feeling of powerlessness can be profound to experience. We’re hearing testimony from women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed by powerful men who could harm their careers if they refused to cooperate. And we’re also hearing soul-wrenching testimony from women who experienced the same when they were teenagers.

The courage and strength of these women are both heartening and heartbreaking. As a survivor, I understand their halting voices, sobbing as they recount their terrifying experiences, their power stolen when some of them were too young to protest, too young to experience any of it, too young to have an older man’s attention, too young to understand why it was happening by a man in a position of authority let alone why no one took steps to take his power away, making him feel the shame felt by each girl.

It’s the women, survivors all, who summon everything within them to speak truth to power, to continue speaking out in the face of lies and denigration by people who should know better but are too morally bankrupt to do the right thing. Today’s runecasting celebrates the strength of women, pushing past any prior oppression and fear as they catalyze and manifest a new direction. Their stories bring truth to the lies we’re expected to believe that it’s fine for a man in his thirties to stalk teenage girls. Or that it’s fine for a powerful man to force himself on co-workers while controlling their futures.

As more dominoes fall and more men are brought to their knees in shame, perhaps a more productive rhythm will be achieved, one based on respect and dignity rather than on power and control. We all have the right to say no. We all have the right to be safe.

And we are rising.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on November 29, 2017.



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Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…