Magickal Working For Improved Communication

Communication is an interesting thing. We either do it well or we experience any number of problems if we don’t. Magickal workings, otherwise known as spells, are used by witches to bring balance to a situation. Of course, witches are all individuals so some might choose a more confrontational approach when the situation requires it, but I tend to respect free will which unfortunately allows for the possibility that the working won’t achieve my desired results. But that’s the way it goes. Free will was given to all by the Creator. And even though we’re all the Creator expressing Itself into form, those of us on a service to others path typically don’t choose to control or force our will on others. It doesn’t feel right, so my magickal workings are about alignment, bringing balance, and allowing for choice. It’s like offering Reiki energy. Folks can take it or leave it as they wish.

I begin my workings with a general overview of what I want to accomplish and then begin aligning correspondences with that desired objective, in this case, improved communication. Other than outside altars or tables, I usually work in one of two places and today I decided to work in my main area instead of in the kitchen. I have a cubicle-like space with two desks and an altar table which is overflowing with books, crystals, candles, wands, athames and just about anything else I might need. My herbs are stored all over the house as are my tinctures and other medicines I formulate. I like this space because it fits me even more so than my kitchen space, although I can use a marble surface for my workings in the kitchen that I don’t have in the other area.

This can be performed on any day, but I did this one on Sunday to bring energy and vitality to the working. Because I want to improve communication, I chose three candles, yellow for communication, blue for emotional and astral support, and pink for love and peace. Additionally, because I work with runes, I drew three to place in front of each candle: Gebo, Dagaz, and Tiwaz. I allow the runes themselves to choose which I will place on the altar, drawing them from the bag without looking at them. Gebo represents balanced energy exchange which supports communication well. Dagaz represents enlightenment, awakening, along with beginnings and endings. The third rune, Tiwaz, represents justice and right thinking, adding a higher self focus to influence. You never know what counsel the runes will bring so I don’t get involved in their intentional selection.

Full disclosure: I’m a dragon-lover. I can’t help it. When I was young, I could feel this energy around me, enfolding me when I was upset or on high alert. For whatever reason, I decided it was a dragon. Years later, when I found a graphic online that shows a woman in the center with a dragon surrounding her, I grabbed for my screen saver on my phone. And I have a cool one for my iPad and one that I use on every computer I’ve owned. Apparently, I’m not the only dragon-obsessed person out there.

I have several dragon candle holders and I used one for the working along with a couple of fluorite eggs on either side. In front of the dragon, I placed a small red jasper egg to ward against the trickster within or without. Serpents and eggs represent rebirth and renewal and I thought they would go well for today’s working to improve communication.

Additional correspondences include citrine for communication, Himalayan pink salt for dragon energy, a feather for both communication and to assist the working in reaching the astral realm, an orgonite pyramid to help focus and direct the energy, along with various representations of the Goddess including Hecate’s wheel. Any incense will do, really, but copal is a favorite and I tend to use that or myrrh in these workings. Frankincense works as well as does sandalwood. And there’s the requisite holey stone, because I’m a Crone.

After casting a circle I centered myself within and when I was ready, I said the following, but you can say whatever it is that you feel. That’s the thing about speaking your words. They’re your words. Using chants from others is fine, but really, whatever comes from your heart is right. Always. I like Latin, but it doesn’t have to be in Latin. There’s no right or wrong way to create a chant for a magickal working. I like to keep mine simple and focused on the task at hand:

Blessed Be to All

Seeking balanced energy exchange

I invoke a higher purpose

To bring a just outcome for all

I chanted the last three lines nine times to bring completion to the working. Repeating chants in multiples of three brings the power of triple aspects into influence. I typically use a numerological correspondence as well and nine represents completion. Five for change, seven for intuition and psychic awareness, six for the sacred layer of Self…numerological correspondences coalesce things into a basic foundation of energy, so I like them. I view them as a container of sorts for the working. I do the same with tarot readings.

Anyway, when I was finished, I sat quietly focusing my intention, bringing it to a still point and then visualizing its extension into the collective consciousness. The idea is to align with the greater unified presence and then speak to that level of consciousness. We can’t always reach the ego. Sometimes we have to aim for the soul where all can hear its plea.

Really, the working is a plea for unity of purpose, not only for improved communication. Because if we were all focused on that, we’d have no need for communication spells. Truly. Below is a closer look at the altar.

Have a lovely week!

Blessed Be

Originally published at on April 9, 2018.



Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…