Lunar Transits for 20–22 January 2019

The Moon moves into Leo and the 11th House of hope, friendship and goals at 7:55 PM PST today, 20 January 2019, beginning her total eclipse less than an hour later at 8:41, the eclipse total at 9:15 followed by her Mother Aspect (Full) two minutes later at 9:17 PM PST. Oh, and the five planets in alignment may still be in effect, so there you go! If ever there was a time for magick, this is surely it!

Her transit into Leo adds even more energy and excitement to tonight’s special event, the Super Full Wolf Blood Moon. I’ve seen it written a couple of ways, but this one seems right. Normally, I’d call it the Full Wolf Moon, but then there’s a blood moon too, so it would be the Full Wolf Blood Moon. I’m not sure that Super is necessary but there it is, and it all seems redundant anyway. Apparently, this won’t happen again for another eighteen years and I have no idea if I’ll be able to even see it. Clouds are in the forecast, but we’ll just see about that. Maybe a little Thurisaz to the rescue. Either way, whether I can see her during her transition or not, this is a terrific time to spend with friends or the coven if you’re a member, and bask in Goddess presence during a time when we seem to need her the most. The chart is below:


I use an esoteric focus in selecting the chart points so there are a fair amount of aspect possibilities in any given chart. There are twelve listed for the Moon on the chart with a thirteenth, the South Node, implied. Oppositions and squares dominate suggesting that emotions continue to be unsettled during this interesting lunar period. If performing magick this evening, take care to remain focused. Some difficult aspects are stronger than others involving our love life and our general sense of self. In opposition with the Sun, we may feel uncomfortable and not realize why (ego interference); sesquisquare Venus asks us to remain neutral if relationship issues arise before reacting to a situation which may quickly pass; the same with Jupiter cautions against overreaction, while with Neptune it encourages us to take a time out from all of this chaos. The Moon squaring off with Uranus reinforces necessary flexibility.

Calmer influences involve a sextile with the Midheaven involving our emotions that suggests we have the opportunity for insight during this emotional time. In trine with Chiron, we can honor our feelings and learn from their message, allowing that which no longer serves to pass through the veil. With intuition strong, much healing can take place now, particularly with the eclipse in force. We can see this as a time to heal the self and our relationships with others. The Moon trine Ceres suggests that interactions with women are favored during this period.

Chart Balances

  • Mode ~ Fixed energies are dominating. Guard against stubbornness given Leo’s expansive influence.
  • Element ~ Fire and Earth influences are strongest. Expansive energy, motivation, spontaneity, enthusiasm are at odds with the more practical side of self.
  • Rays ~ 1st (Will/Power) and 5th (Concrete Knowledge) Rays dominate influencing a strong sense of purpose coupled with expert knowledge.

Magickal Workings

The 10th Mansion, Algebha, is in effect fostering love and compassion as well as assisting in the defeat of enemies. Wow. Perfect for all sorts of interesting workings. We can increase compassion toward others while kicking the #@%$& to the curb. Nice. Just what we need about now. And even if we can’t see the Moon in all her glory, it’s clear nevertheless that she’ll have our back, as expected.

Take advantage of Maiden, Mother, Crone energies during the minutes before, during, and after the time of the total eclipse, which as already mentioned above begins at 8:41 PM PST so make adjustments for your own location. It becomes Total at 9:15 and Full at 9:17, so the time is ideal for a triple aspect working.

As our senses heighten, the Moon is dark as she becomes Full. We transition with her from darkness to light, our shadow side giving way to alignment in Spirit. Progressing again into her full illumination, the Moon awakens our collective consciousness and our collective Spirit within.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings to all!

Originally published at on January 21, 2019.



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