Libra Moon ~ 4–6 August 2019

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The Moon travels into balanced Libra and the 2nd House of possessions and self-worth at 6:30 AM PDT on 4 August 2019. It’s difficult to talk about self-worth at this point given the mass murders committed over the last twenty-four hours especially because it seems that so many of these killers suffer from a distorted sense of self egged on by the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Although the effect of Libra on the Moon is harmonizing, the 2nd House ties possessions to feelings of self-worth. Now that we’re all living in a grievance-based country with a grievance-based president fostering more and more hate, animosity and hate for the other are at an all-time high. But as more of us die, if past is prologue, the only response going forward will likely be indifference and more of the same. Same shit, different day in Trump’s America. The chart is below.

Chart Information

  • Mode — Fixed or stable energies continue their primary influence. Change is difficult and with Mutable energies in a weakened state, adaptation may be challenging.
  • Elements — Elemental Fire (will, creativity) provides the strongest influence with energy available to meet goals. With Elemental Water less of an influence, emotions may be in flux.
  • Rays — 1st and 5th continue their strong influence reinforcing motivation and leadership.
  • Signs — Confidence and leaderships skills are fostered by Leo’s prevailing influence.
  • House — 6th (routine, mundane aspects of life), and 12th (endings, strengths, and weaknesses) provide the strongest influences.

Aspects of the Moon

  • Opposition Chiron — Orb 5°38′ Applying indicates inner pain arising from a difficult relationship with a mother figure with triggered responses a possibility.
  • Sextile Ceres — Orb 1°25′ Applying finally gives us an improved interaction and relationship with women in our lives.
  • 3 Point Stellium — Saturn, South Node, Pluto (all in Capricorn) describing a preference for structure and a daily routine and a tendency to make things more difficult than necessary.
  • Human Design/I Ching — 8/4 — Gate 46 Line 2 The Prima Donna describes a difficult personality for whom success is fostered by talent and not through positive interactions with others. 8/5 — Gate 48 Line 6 Self-fulfillment describes superficiality that limits success.
  • Mansions of the Moon — 8/4 — Algafra — 1° Libra — creates tension and discord, finds treasure, digs holes, and destroys homes and enemies. 8/5 — Azubene — 12° Libra 51′ 26″ — obstructs travel, harvest, weddings, and frees prisoners. (Witch Notes p. 97)
  • Retrograde — Jupiter (inward focus), Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline), Neptune (a focus on the spiritual versus the mundane, remain in observer/Higher Self mode), Chiron (issues of healing).
  • Lunar Phase — Crescent — Moon 45 to 90 degrees ahead of the Sun.

Aspects and Influences

An interesting three-point stellium (a formation of three or more planets/bodies in the same Sign or House) currently exists with Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto. All are in Capricorn and fostering the need for a structured experience. I wanted to mention this one because each point involved is on a retrograde path. The Moon’s Nodes describe an orbital position related to the ecliptic path of the Sun, not a planetary body like Saturn or Pluto, but they do have an effect and with the retrograde path the South Node shares with Pluto and Saturn, I wanted to take a closer look at each influence, particularly given the strong Elemental Fire effect that is also present.

Elemental Fire reflects our will and creativity as well as how motivated we are, but the retrograde influence of Saturn suggests that we may express our will in an authoritative manner, so caution should be taken to avoid such. Pluto in Capricorn and the 6th House focuses on daily routine and health issues including mind/body/Spirit alignment. Prideful reactions may surface with the influence of the South Node and could negatively impact the motivation of both self and others if interactions become strained. If we also want to serve in a humanitarian role in life, some humility may be required so that we achieve our desired goal.

The Human Design Gates involving the Moon over the next two days also seem to reinforce our retrograde-based stellium suggesting that superficiality is at the core of any issues that might arise. Here is where Elemental Fire gets away from us and ego-based assumptions may affect our interactions with others. Take the opportunity for Jupiter’s retrograde path to provide the space for some introspection and inner work.

Magickal Workings

Well, obviously healing workings are in order now that so many of us have been murdered over the last twenty-four hours. The arrogance of all who turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of families and friends left behind offer the same empty thoughts and prayers that solve nothing. Nothing. The mass murders are terrorist attacks on our country, yet Republican lawmakers remain silent and worse.

Sunday magicks often take a healing focus, using the Sun’s energy to revitalize and bring healing and clarity when life seems darkest. It can be said that we’ve lost our way, unable to take even the simplest of steps to resolve the problem of gun violence in our country. Instead, all we hear are the same excuses and the same threats of violence if any solution is sought.

Although it only takes one witch, collectively, we can do far more than we can do alone, so I ask you all, my sisters and brothers in the Craft, along with all others who feel as I do, to join with me now in heartbreak, love and in courage, to cast the intention of peace, healing, and harmony to the collective consciousness.

Let us raise our collective intention to bring Goddess presence into our lives and set about righting the course we take together. Violence cannot continue. We must come together as one to heal the division and hate fostered by the current occupant of the White House and his political party. They have lost their way and can no longer be trusted to find a solution at all.

So, it’s up to us now to speak for others. To speak truth to power for those who cannot. To speak the truth so loudly that no one can turn away. To stand up for all who have died and for all who live forever in fear.

We are that powerful and we are so blessed.

Final Words

Final words is an interesting phrase, isn’t it? What final words did the murderers have as they hunted down and killed their victims? What final words did the victims have or were words impossible before they died? It makes me ill to even think of it.

To talk about how the Moon affects us today seems inappropriate because today and the days going forward are not about us but the victims of the mass killings in Texas and Ohio and anyone else affected by gun violence. The mass executions carried out by a few deranged people appear to be in response to the endless vitriol expressed by the current occupant of the White House at his endless campaign rallies. No time to govern, which in all honesty is truly a blessing, but plenty of time to incite violence.

So here are my final words…

Donald, this is on you. Every. Last. Bit. Of. It.

Blessings to all in the days ahead.

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